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All 429 Curse Words From ‘Pulp Fiction’

There are 429 curse words in Pulp Fiction, the vast majority of which are some variation of “fuck.” Now you can see them all in one video! That’s fucking awesome. Fuck.

Fuckity fuck-fuck:

Emma Roberts Does Her Favorite Scene (Movieline)

Man Smashes Watermelon On Face (BarstoolSports)

Militia Fanny Pack Fashion (Holytaco)

Chris Evans Gets Righteous (FilmDrunk)

Victorias Slutty Dance Moves (CelebJihad)

The Saddest Image From E3 (Unreality)

How Ferris Bueller Saves Depression (Moviefone)

A Sad Day At Playboy Mansion (PopEater)

Superheroes Who Will Never Get Their Own Movie (Smosh)

The Best and Worst US Presidents (Ranker)

Mark Cuban Taking A Leak (BroBible)

Mark Stong in Green Lantern (Maxim)

Christian Bale Is Disgusting (Pajiba)

Red Riding In The Hood (NextMovie)

MMA According to Google (CagePotato)

Inside A Secret Restaurant (MadeMan)

Tomb Raider Preview (GameFront)

Patricia Velasquez Hotness (TuVez)

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