Links Away: Admiral Ackbar Would Like To Penetrate You

In this behind-the-scenes footage, the actor playing Admiral Ackbar practices his lines. Or rather, he practices one word.

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If You Can't Wait For The Premiere Of 'Ant-Man', Here Is 10 Minutes Of Behind-The-Scenes Footage

In case you like to go behind the scenes before you're in front of them. It warrants mentioning that I have NOT watched this 10 minutes of behind the scenes Ant-Man footage. For two reasons. One: Ten minutes is a long time to do anything except sleep. Two: I'm looking forward to seeing the film cold, so I don't want to have fragments of every scene etched into my brain when I do that. But maybe you're different. Maybe you have a stronger constitution that can take that kind of abuse. If so, here's your video, you solider: It's not just video of stunts. Apparently there are gags and some interviews. But I can wait until after I see the movie for that stuff, too.


Watch Will Ferrell Chuck A Basketball At A Cheerleader's Head In This 'Daddy's Home' Behind-The-Scenes Clip

You can't get mad about something someone does if it's for a movie! It's been a minute or two since we've seen Will Ferrell go apeshit in a sports context in one of his films. Judging from this fan footage at a New Orleans Pelicans game, that wait is almost over. The cast and crew of Daddy's Home, starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, hijacked the court of a Pelicans game in New Orleans so that Will Ferrell could yell and toss a basketball at a cheerleader. It looks like the crowd is turning on him!


Test Footage of the <em>Deadpool</em> Movie Has Leaked, and It's F*cking Brilliant

Based on this clip, Deadpool already looks like it will be a better movie than The Green Lantern, and this isn't even actual footage from the film yet. By Jared Jones While not being the biggest superhero/comic book movie fan myself, I am still forced to admit that the leaked test footage from 20th Century Fox's upcoming Deadpool movie is undeniably awesome. It's got everything; Ryan Reynolds' patented cheeky one-liners, absolutely gruesome deaths played for laughs, and the existential musings of Gwen Stafani's "Hollaback Girl." Based on this clip, Deadpool already looks like it will be a better movie than The Green Lantern, and this isn't even actual footage from the film yet. Then again, I thought The Avengers was just OK (*dodges bottle*), so what the hell do I know? Check out the leaked test clip above while you still can, then start wetting yourselves with excitement in the comments section.


First Footage Of Spielberg's 'Lincoln' Is Lacking Vampires

Here's the trailer for the trailer. You're welcome. After a long wait, we're finally treated to a taste of Steven Spielberg's Lincoln. Remember this moment. It is the culmination of years of planning, casting setbacks, and however long it takes Daniel Day-Lewis to grow a beard. There's not much to see in these brief clips, but we are given some soundbites. Is that really the voice Day-Lewis is using for Lincoln? That's not Lincoln-y at all. I think I prefer the original Bane voice to this. We'll learn a lot more about the film when the full trailer debuts on Thursday. Perhaps the camera will continue to dolly around to reveal Abe in full penny pose.


Links Away: #OccupyDarkKnightRises

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'71' Trailer: Jack O'Connell Once Again Caught Behind Enemy Lines

It's like an Oscar bait version of 'Judgment Night'. Jack O'Connell has eased into a successful groove by playing young soldiers left for dead by their governments. He's drawing rave reviews for his performance in Angelina Jolie's Unbroken, and likewise for '71, the directorial debut from Yann Demange. In this film, he once again plays a soldier forced to go through hell in order to return home safely. However, the setting and circumstances are different here. He plays a British soldier lost amongst during violent riots in Belfast, Northern Ireland. With the IRA hunting him down, he must survive the night in a city that wants him dead. It's really just an Oscar bait version of 1993's Judgment Night. Both films are about a likable guy being hunted by the Irish. Here it's the Provisional IRA, there it was Denis Leary.


Links Away: Herzog And His Chickens

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