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Links Away: Admiral Ackbar Would Like To Penetrate You

In this behind-the-scenes footage, the actor playing Admiral Ackbar practices his lines. Or rather, he practices one word. And that word happens to carry a certain… innuendo. Ackbar, you filthy bitch. (BadassDigest)

It’s a trap! Oh, wait, no. It’s just a link dump:

Sasha Discusses Her Favorite Cartoons (AdultSwim)

One Nerdy Sextape (BamKapow)

Director Jon Chu On Why He’s Doing G.I. Joe 2 (BoxOfficeMagazine)

Posters Mock Joss Wheadon’s Cabin Delay (MovieLine)

China Bans Time Travel (BarstoolSports)

25 Insane Face Tattoos (HolyTaco)

A Story About Steven Seagal Peeing Himself (FilmDrunk)

Kate Bosworth On The Beach (CelebJihad)

When Two Falcon Punches Collide (Unreality)

This Week In Movies (MovieFone)

Bobby Brown Is Loving Sobriety (PopEater)

The Nerdiest Nerd Girls Ever (Smosh)

McDonalds Has Secret Menu Items (Ranker)

Indoor Pot Growers Use 1% Of America’s Electricty (BroBible)

There Are No More Ideas To Be Had On Television (Pajiba)

An Obituary For Ghostface’s Victims (NextMovie)

The Hottest MMA Ring Girls (CagePotato)

From Defecit To Surplus In 10 Easy Steps (MadeMan)

Hand On With Twisted Metal (GameFront)

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