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Links Away: A Tribute to Christopher Nolan

Here’s a video for anyone who has trouble comprehending the vast nature of Christopher Nolan‘s all-around awesomeness. Also, it’s set to a Ratatat song, so bonus points for that. (BuzzFeed)

Are you watching closely? Cause there’s some links down there:

Bring the World Premiere of Your Highness to Your College (CoedMagazine)

Eight Oscar Winners and the Horrible Movies They Did Next (MovieLine)

According to Science, Shopping Carts Are Nasty (HolyTaco)

The Emilio Estevez Meme (FilmDrunk)

Bieber Fan Punches Bieber’s Girlfriend In the Face (CelebJihad)

A Gallery of Kids’ Shows, All Grown Up (Unreality)

Matt Damon and Emily Blunt Interview Each Other (MovieFone)

Charlie Sheen’s Tweets Could Make Him Millions (PopEater)

Wikileaks: The Movie (Smosh)

The 25 Worst-Dressed Video Game Characters (Ranker)

Cops Raid ‘Pot Jungle‘ Grow House in Staten Island (BroBible)

Smoking Hot Coffee Shops (Maxim)

10 Bad Movies People Refuse to Concede Are Bad (Pajiba)

Clips from Rango (NextMovie)

MMA Photo Tribute: 16 Seriously Messed Up Eyes (CagePotato)

What If Charlie Sheen is Right? (MadeMan)

Army of Darkness Comes to the iPhone (GameFront)

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