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Links Away: A Brief History of Product Placement

No blockbuster is complete without a few blaring examples of lucrative product placement. Oh and for the record, chicks totally dig the Nintendo Power Glove. Speaking from experience here.

Drink a refreshing, ice-cold Pepsi and click these links:

First Kiss More Memorable Than Losing Virginity (Asylum)

Introducing the Male Chastity Belt (BarstoolSports)

Chuck Liddell Reflects On His Storied Career (CagePotato)

MILF Monday: Ali Landry (HolyTaco)

A Brief History of Conspicuous Product Placement (FilmDrunk)

75 Movies to See in 2011 (MovieFone)

Six Surprising 2011 Oscar Campaign Posters (NextMovie)

Obama Grants Wesley Snipes Conditional Pardon (CelebJihad)

The Edgar Wright Minimalist Poster Collection (Unreality)

Cover Girl: Olivia Munn (Maxim)

The 10 Biggest Game Chokers (MadeMan)

The Nine Worst Excuses to Give Your Bookie (TotalProSports)

Epic Referee FAIL After Penalty Shot (TuVez)

The Five Best TV Episodes of the Week (Pajiba)

Charlie Sheen Partying With Porn Stars Again (PopEater)

The 30 Most Offensive Church Signs of All Time (Ranker)

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