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Links Away: 100 Years Of Visual Effects

Just look at how far we’ve come. Almost far enough to not need actors anymore. Almost. (Devour)

These links are CGI:

Melanie Griffith: Underrated (Movieline)

Hottie Named Colleen (BarstoolSports)

How To Sublet Your Bedroom (Holytaco)

Full Metal Jacket…With Apes? (FilmDrunk)

Selena Gomez Takes A Load (CelebJihad)

On The Set Of Titanic (Unreality)

Bryce Dallas Howard As A Villain (Moviefone)

How 8 Comic Strip Characters Will Die (Smosh)

16 Billingual Celebrities (Ranker)

The Ultimate Sound System (BroBible)

2011 Covergirl Hotness (Maxim)

Now THIS is Racist (Pajiba)

Danny McBride Hates Romance (NextMovie)

5 Awesome PC Games Of 2011 (GameFront)

Paula Garces Hotness (TuVez)


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