Links Away: 100 Years Of Visual Effects

Just look at how far we've come.

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This Clip Of Terrible Special Effects Will Make You Appreciate How Far CGI Has Come

We've come a long, long way. "With great power comes great responsibility." A movie taught me that. Which is ironic, because since they've had CGI at their disposal films have found ways to turn the latest technologies into laughable implementations. This clip from the awesomely-named worldwideinterweb shows us just how bad things got, especially in the early-90s when films with a tenth of the budget wanted to compete with the likes of Jurassic Park and Terminator 2. It didn't go very well for the studios, and even worse for the audiences. Take a look: (A.V. Club)


'The Lazarus Effect' Trailer Experiences Evil Side Effects

Take with food as directed. In The Lazarus Effect, Mark Duplass, Olivia Wilde, Donald Glover, and Evan Peters play four scientists who have not seen Pet Sematary or Flatliners so they are completely oblivious to the nightmare that awaits them when they attempt to play God. Annoyed by the common occurrence of people dying all of the time, they invite a magic elixir that revives dead things. But the formula needs some work because those they resurrect come back evil with demonic superpowers that enable them to squish Donald Glover to death. You can't print that on the label without hurting sales.


First Look At Special Effects For 'Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes' Is Four Seconds Of Incredible Realism

Look into his eyes. The Rise of the Planet of the Apes is so far notable for its comically long title and the involvement of James Franco, but it turns out they've got some pretty impressive special effects up their sleeves as well, thanks to the wonderful wizards at WETA. So next time you've got four seconds free, check out the video. You'll notice that around the one-second mark, the ape starts turning his head to the side. In seriousness, even though the video is ridiculously short, it's still pretty impressive. I've watched it like 68 times and the ape seems weirdly human each time. Can't wait until this shot shows up in the movie, so I can yell out "there it is!" in the theater and everyone will love me. (ComingSoon)


New 'Side Effects' Trailer Includes Horniness And Murder

Why do the best drugs always turn us into horny murderers? When Channing Tatum discovers his wife Rooney Mara's brain is broken, he sends her to Dr. Jude Law who prescribes her an experimental drug. At first, Channing Tatum is all happy because the pill makes her happy and good at sex stuff, but then people start getting murdered. And then she maybe does or does not start having sex with Dr. Jude Law. And then Catherine Zeta-Jones is all like, "I'm wearing glasses!" More or less.


Eat It, Michael Bay: Arnofsky’s ‘Swan’ Reveals Its Special Effects

It took a lot of complicated effects to make this movie look so simple. While Black Swan appears to be a pretty straightforward film with minimal special effects (webbed toes, feathers), the truth is that it take a lot of special effects to make it look so stark. I mean, who really thought it was Natalie Portman doing all that dancing? Besides me, of course. Arnofsky did what mean big-budget directors can't - make the audience unaware of special effects. This demo reel reveals many of the techniques that went into makin Black Swan such an understated yet striking film. Reflections of cameramen were removed from dance studi mirrors, lots of "head replacements" took place, and animated tattoos were placed on Mila Kunis' back while she "kissed" Ms. Portman. Also, Vincent Cassel died 17 days into filming and they had to use a CGI representation of him. Just kidding. I think. (/Film)


Steven Soderbergh Reminds Us He's Pretty Talented With Penultimate Film 'Side Effects'

If only we had let him do 'Moneyball'. After losing directing duties on Moneyball, Steven Soderbergh said "f*ck it," and decided to throw in the directing towel. After a few more films. Magic Mike was a hit as it made women everywhere go crazy and rub their titties together, which leaves Soderbergh with two films to go. The first of which is the Rooney Mara-starring Side Effects. In the film, Mara stars as a young woman whose life is perfect after Channing Tatum's return from prison. Everything is all dissolves and sailboats. Then, the dissolves get ominous and she turns to medication and Jude Law besmirching to help cope with the pressure of living with Magic Mike himself. After that, everyone is yelling at everyone else! Yelling is how you know a drama is taut. This Soderbergh is going to really make us sorry that he didn't get to make the version of Moneyball where Demetri Martin yells at Catherine Zeta-Jones.


'Insidious, Chapter 2' Trailer: More Cost-Effective Scares

More haunted, non CGI hijinx. When the first Insidious ended with a horrible, violent murder, we all knew that there was more trouble in store for America's Most Haunted. The characters in the film somehow didn't get that memo though, as the trailer for Insidious, Chapter 2 finds them trying to get on with their lives only to be surprised when an ass ton of ghosts descend on their grandma's house in order to slam doors and dick around with the baby monitor. It's more cost-effective scares as more haunted happenings return us to The Further in this micro-budget sequel. I'm psyched but it's not a good sign when you want to slap the characters based off the trailer. Rose Byrne (panicked): It's still happening! Patrick Wilson: What is? Rose Byrne: My yeast infection. Patrick Wilson: .... Rose Byrne: Ghosts, dummy!