Libyan News Anchors A Lot Cooler Than American Ones

You never see Wolf Blitzer waving a gun on the air. Except that one time. You might have seen the news emerging from the country of Libya, involving Muammar Gaddafi. But I bet none of the news you watched was being delivered by someone brandishing a gun. This wasn't the case for viewers of the state-run news channel al-Libiyah. They were treated to the sight of anchorwoman Hala Misrati waving her gat around. Here's what she had to say:
“You will not take al-Libiyah channel. You won’t take Jamahiriyah channel, Shababiyah channel, Tripoli or all of Libya, and even those without weapon are willing to be a shield in order to protect their colleagues at this channel. We are willing to become martyrs.”
I'm gonna remember this next time Sean Hannity says something controversial - do you think he'd be willing to be a martyr for Fox News? Anyway, you can see the video for yourself up above. Watch it before you think about invading Libya. (Mediaite)

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Hey, China: Mess With Our Spy Planes, But Don't Ever Touch 'Top Gun'

China's state-run network has been caught lifting scenes from the amazingly awesome film Top Gun and claiming it to be footage of an air force training exercise. If only foreign governments could find some way to repurpose that volleyball scene. China's state-run network, CCTV, has been accused of lifting scenes from the amazingly awesome film Top Gun and claiming it to be footage of an air force training exercise. Pretty brazen behavior by the Chinese media. One would think they would have tested the waters with some Iron Eagle clips before co-opting the holy grail of homoerotic fighter pilot movies. Or maybe they did pass Iron Eagle clips off as news and no one really noticed, so they upped the ante this time around. This goof is relevant to two issues in China today. First, the Chinese government has been chiding independent news outlets on fabricating stories and footage, so the fact that this act was committed by the state-run outlet is...well, it's not great. Secondly, myriad facets of the entertainment industry have taken China to task for failing to crack down on piracy issues. This news story probably won't help that cause either. This should cause both US and Chinese officials to reinvestigate the validity of CCTV's claim of a dalmatian infestation in 1996, then again in 2000. (WSJ)


Nicolas Cage Stands Up To Home Invaders In 'Trespass' Trailer

He'll defend his futuristic safe by any means necessary. If the sight of Nicolas Cage being held at gunpoint tickles your ribs, then Joel Schumacher's Trespass looks to be the comedy of the year. In the first trailer, we see Nicolas Cage and his wife (played for some reason by Nicole Kidman) being hilariously forced to the floor against their will. Then they get kicked and pushed around and threatened with knives and guns. LOL. Move over, Bridesmaids!


Adrien Brody Channels His Inner Criss Angel In History Channel's 'Houdini' Trailer

Houdini was the original Mindfreak, only with fewer wallet chains. The History Channel, not be outshined by its peers, offering up programs on bird murderers, fat children in pageants, and people forced to pawn things, has decided to compete using the high(er) road. Biopics with somewhat big stars attached. In this case, angular man Adrien Brody will be playing the iconic showman. This time up, we're getting treated to the life of Harry Houdini, the only magician in history who didn't rely on glitter and lasers to get his point across. Fortunately, Harry Houdini's work was pretty theatrical, so this could translate better to television than a guy who keeps asking "Is this your card?" and tries to convince you that he just made you float. Houdini will be a two-part series airing on September 1 and 2 this fall. (Deadline)


Ron Burgundy For Fandango's 'AnchorMan 2' SuperTicket

It's quite a formidable package, Jack. With Ron Burgundy out there promoting every North American brand under the sun and hosting European Awards Shows, it's high time that he get around to promoting his own product -- The Fandango Anchorman 2 SuperTicket. Here, the world's finest newsman explains the benefits of the SuperTicket and it sounds like something that's going to make the missus quite happy. On a sidenote, is anyone else concerned that Will Ferrell won't be able to go back to being Will Ferrell after all of these Ron Burgundy appearances end? That man is deeply, deeply entrenched and, at the very least, that mustache glue must leave a pretty serious rash.


John Carpenter Emerges with The Ward, Now Can Go Away Again

By all accounts, John Carpenter has been off his game for the past, I don't know, 20 or so years. Consequently, his hiatus during the past nine hasn't been met with too much public outcry. By all accounts, John Carpenter has been off his game for the past, I don't know, 20 or so years. Consequently, his hiatus during the past nine hasn't been met with too much public outcry. Judging from the reviews of his latest film, The Ward, at the TIFF, that sentiment is unlikely to change in the near future. Reviews of The Ward are unique in that they accuse Carpenter of being derivative of himself, which could be seen as both a  blessing and a curse. His techniques harken back to his 1970's heyday of films such as Starman, Halloween, and Escape from New York, but, like a copy of a copy, the word on the street is that The Ward just isn't that sharp, rarely leaving convention to tell a story the plot of which has been recycled early and often. The film begins, as many horror movies do, with a half-naked woman named Kristen (Amber Heard) running through the woods. She is eventually caught by authorities and thrown into a psychiatric ward in response to a number of fires she had set. Once institutionalized, she is haunted by the ghosts of a former patient and stumbles on to a mystery as to what became of the former patients. Jump scares abound as Kristen negotiates the hospital, still half-naked, we pray. Much of the context sounds painfully derivative of not only Carpenter's work, but many of the B-grade psychological thrillers that have trickled out in recent years. No US release date is set for the film, but the movie drops in Britain on January 21st. (/Film)


Steve Carell Channels Lorne Michaels In Newest 'Foxcatcher' Trailer

It's all I can see. The fourth trailer for Bennett Miller's Foxcatcher focuses on the emotional abuse heaped on Channing Tatum's Mark Schultz by Steve Carrell's John DuPont, as well as how Mark Ruffallo's character drives a wedge into DuPont's plans. Carrell seems chilling in this film. Like Lorne Michaels if he were allowed to hunt the Saturday Night Live cast for sport. Speaking of which, has anyone heard from Joe Piscopo lately?


New ‘Super 8' Clip: Kids Are Afraid Of Guns And Monsters

Children are such scaredy cats when it comes to guys with bloody faces pointing guns at them. Children are such scaredy cats when it comes to guys with bloody faces pointing guns at them. That's what we learn from the newest clip from J.J. Abrams' highly anticipated Super 8. The preview above takes place after the train crash. The kids are poking around the wreckage, hanging out, finding important maps 'n' stuff, when all of a sudden - bam - crazy guy with a bunch of guns. Man, Super 8 is reminding me of Goonies more and more. It's about kids on an adventure, one of them's a tubbo, it's produced by Steven Spielberg, and now there's an important map. I hope the monster turns out to be a giant Sloth. Next clip airs tomorrow on Fox during "American Idol." Super 8' Kids" src="" alt='' width="300" height="225" />


Ain't No Problem A Bazooka Can't Solve In 'Machine Gun Preacher' Trailer

Gerard Butler gets results. Wow. Gerard Butler is helping hungry kids in a way that makes Sally Struthers look super-lazy. He stars in Machine Gun Preacher as Sam Childers, a former drug dealer who decides to up his good karma by traveling to the Sudan and helping the impoverished by kicking hunger down a bottomless pit. While building an orphanage, he also forms a militia to fight against the warlords that are drafting the children to become soldiers. It's your move, Sean Penn.