'Liam Neeson: The Musical' Is Way Better Than 'Ralph Fiennes: The Musical'

Our moms will still get the two mixed up though. Liam Neeson starred in Darkman yet no Phantom of the Opera gags. Failed opportunity right there.

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Chris Hemsworth Races Darkman In Trailer For Ron Howard's 'Rush'

Here we have the first look at Ron Howard's F1 racing drama, Rush. Based on the true story of the rivalry between English racer James Hunt and Austrian Niki Lauda, Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl star as the thrill junkies who somehow don't rob banks or moving trains. I thought this was a racing movie? Where's Michelle Rodriguez?? Instead, Howard opted to take a page out of history rather than the sketchbook of a 9-year old boy. In 1976, Lauda almost died after crashing in the second lap of the German Grand Prix, which the hotheaded Hunt would go on to win. Suffering a coma and bad burns, Lauda was back at it six weeks later determined to beat Hunt in several races. The movie will be in theaters this fall, but you can just go to Wikipedia now to see how it ends.


Liam Neeson Deals With Some Jerk Murdering Everyone On A Plane In 'Non-Stop' Trailer

Always bet on Black... Irish. We've seen Liam Neeson play cat-and-mouse with vicious wolves and generic European gangsters, but we've never seen him deal with some jerk on an airplane before. And I'm not talking about seat-kicking. This particular jerk is murdering everyone on the flight right under Neeson's nose. In Non-Stop, from Orphan director Jaume Collet-Serra, Liam Neeson plays a guy not played by Nicolas Cage who must find and stomp out the evil mastermind making ransom demands on an international flight. If that terrorist had only watched Passenger 57, he'd know to always bet on black. Or Black Irish in this case.


Honest Trailer: 'Phantom Menace 3D'

"Yousa thinkin' people ganna watch this crap?" This past weekend, Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace was re-released in theaters. Sure, it's the same awful movie that premiered 12 years ago and tarnished one of the most beloved film franchises in history, but this time, it's in 3D! For me, watching a Gungan minstrel show is bad enough in two dimensions. But apparently for some people, an added dimension is a game changer, since George "Han Never Shot First" Lucas just made another $23,000,000. Check Out 8 Things From 'Star Wars' More Unethical Than Han Shooting First The fact that people actually paid to see this crap, most likely for a second time, is almost too much to comprehend. So in the interest of warning the public at large to avoid this sh*t show at all costs, we've created an honest movie trailer for Phantom Menace 3D. Will it help? Probably not. But at least we'll go to our graves knowing we did our part. Click the Image Below To See 45 Fan-Made Tributes To The ‘Star Wars’ AT-AT Walker


Time For Liam Neeson To Kill All The Guys Again In 'Tak3n' Trailer

Here we go again. Things were looking up for Brian Mills. He got back together with his estranged wife, his daughter wasn't getting taken all that much anymore, and he'd seemingly traded in his special set of skills for cooking and domestic happiness. But this wouldn't be Tak3n without one of his many enemies upping the ante from kidnapping to murder. That is clearly against the rules of these movies. Wrongfully accused for the murder of his wife, Mills has to track down his tormentors while protecting his daughter and fleeing the LAPD and the FBI. Plus, he still has those Netflix DVD's he was hoping to watch and return. Ugh. Mondays.


'Jurassic World' Teaser Shows Us Why Pterosaurs And Tourists Don't Mix

It turns out playing God with dinosaurs has a downside. Our early complaints of Jurassic World teasers were that they didn't show enough (any) dinosaurs. Universal must have heard us complaining, because now we're getting dinos galore in a 30-second spot. In addition to attacking dinosaurs, both winged and terrestrial, we also get a haunting, sparse version of the theme song, played one note at a time on the piano. It's a little silly to have such an understated song soundtracking an over the top trailer, but we're not going to complain about the content, because as long as we get bloodthirsty dinosaurs, we'll listen to whatever we have to*.   *Not Mumford & Sons, though.


'Moves Like Jabba' Music Video

Take that, Maroon 5! Do you like the Maroon 5 song, Moves Like Jagger? Well, the song is stupid and so are you for liking it. But what's not stupid is this new Star Wars-themed parody video, Moves Like Jabba. Well, actually, it's stupid too, but in a good way, like the characters from Dumb & Dumber or that big guy from Of Mice and Men. Ha! He killed the friggen rabbit! What a moron! Yes, there have been many Star Wars/Jabba the Hut parodies, but to my knowledge, none of them have featured Wilford Brimley. And that, my friends, is a game changer.


New 'Arthur' Trailer Is Rich With Failed Jokes

Here we see him riding the Batmobile, getting punched by his mom, and using magnets to stop a hot girl from having sex with him. Fneh? Russell Brand is back with a second Arthur trailer. Here we see him riding the Batmobile, getting punched by his mom, and using magnets to stop a hot girl from having sex with him. You know, on paper those things may sound funny, but Brand's cheeky style elicits more "ah yes" smiles from me than actual laughs. Also, "Under Pressure" seems like a bad song choice for Arthur. How much "pressure" is Arthur really under? He's very rich, he has a lot of hot ladies who are interested in him for different reasons, and only as a grown man does he have to attempt holding down a shitty job. Maybe the right song would be "Paradise City?" Meanwhile, watching this trailer has stolen my sunshine. Arthur falls down a flight of stairs in a gummy bear costume and into theaters April 8th.


A Makeover, Yoda Got, For 'The Phantom Menace' Blu-Ray

George Lucas couldn't just leave it alone. Despite claims that they wouldn't f*ck around and add anything to the new Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace Blu-Ray, George Lucas just couldn't resist giving Yoda a little work. However, in this case, LucasFilm has improved upon the original version. In the clip above you'll see the crappy Yoda puppet used initially has been swapped out for CG Yoda. Looks much better and allows more consistency throughout the prequels. Now, if only they'd do something about the Mars Guo puppet that crashes and burns around the 4:33 mark in the video below. What is that thing? rubber chicken with a belt across its eyes?? (via /Film)