Let's Retire The Word Twerk Now That Every Newscaster Except Brian Williams Has Said It By This Point

Welcome to the dictionary, twerk. Now get the hell out! Welcome to the dictionary, twerk. Now get the hell out!

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Jimmy Kimmel Revealed As Mastermind Behind The Flaming Twerk Video

You've made us all to look as FOOLS, Kimmel! Last week a video surfaced online that was perfect. Too perfect. It had it all: twerking, dat ass, and horrible injury. How could the Internet resist? At the time, there were skeptics but nobody was really sure who was behind it and for what reason. Final Destination reboot teaser? Nathan For You prank? We could only lay in wait for the mastermind to reveal himself. Or herself. Or themselves. But it turns out it was a himself. Nearly 10 million views later, Jimmy Kimmel has outed himself as being the mastermind behind the "Worst Twerk Fail EVER - Girl Catches Fire" video. The talented lady involved is actually an actress. And she does her own stunts. Above you can see Kimmel's interview with her, leading into the reveal.


Jim Retires ‘Warm’ Apple Pie

Vigara and Warm Apple Pie... I knew the cast of American Pie had aged, but my god, Jason Biggs has really let himself go. In honor of the release of American Reunion, which hits theaters April 6th, we've put together this reenactment of the original film's most famous scene. Only instead of an awkward teenager going to town on an apple pie, there's an old man humping away on the titular dessert. I hope you like old-man ass, cause this clip's got it in spades. Bonus points for the extremely elderly Eugene Levy stand in.


‘Hell On Wheels’ Gives AMC Its Own ‘Deadwood’

Revenge, Railroads, Native Americans: Yup. It's a Western all right. AMC is not content sitting on their goodwill for one second, choosing to forge ahead with original programming occupying every genre on God's green earth. Today's dispatch is from AMC's Department of Western Affairs - "Deadwood" Division. Premiering late this year, "Hell on Wheels" follows a Confederate soldier, played by Anson Mount, heading west to find the Union men who killed his wife. Who knew that revenge would play such a big theme in a Western? Oh. Everyone. Costarring in "Hell on Wheels" are Common, Dominique McElligott, Colm Meaney, Ben Esler, Philip Burke and Eddie Spears. Cause really, who could possibly imagine the Western frontier without Common? Draw your own conclusions from this trailer, but only after I give you mine. It looks 100% percent like AMC's version of "Deadwood." Which is by no means a bad thing, but also not as pleasantly surprising as "Walking Dead,""Breaking Bad," or"Mad Men." Much like I think of"Boardwalk Empire" on HBO, this show will probably turn out very well, but with few surprises. Anyway, that's my inference from 90 seconds of video. What thinks you?


The Real Star of ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ Is William H. Macy’s Hair

The premise of The Lincoln Lawyer makes the movie sound a lot more charming than the third trailer makes it look. The premise of The Lincoln Lawyer (Matthew McConaughey practices law out of the back of his car) makes the movie sound a lot more charming than the third trailer makes it look. It seems to play as a straight-up legal thriller, albeit with a lot of stars. Additionally, we get Ryan Phillipe at The Lincoln Lawyer's bad-boy client, William H. Macy, Marissa Tomei, Josh Lucas, and John Leguizamo. The trailer does a pretty good job of confusing the hell out of the viewer, so kudos to the producers for that. The big takeaway here is that there's lots of deception, and these men love to yell at each other. Something tells me that, when all is said and done, the guilty parties will wish they had never crossed...The Lincoln Lawyer. If you're on the fence, it's looking like William H. Macy is sporting his funniest hairstyle since Boogie Nights, so do with that information what you will.


Watch An Entire North Dakota Newscast Starring...Ron Burgundy

It doesn't have a lot of Burgundy, but the Burgundy it does have is gold. Ron Burgundy crashed a newscast for Bismarck, ND last night, and while he only got about 90 seconds of spotlight during the 30-minute newscast, it was pretty damn fun. While he played the whole thing pretty aloof, without being too hammy, his "I have no idea," when asked a question going to commercial stuck out as the funniest bit to me. His co-anchor, regular Amber Schatz, had a hard time keeping it together during the entirety of the broadcast, though it's not clear if her amusement was rom Burgundy, or the painfully funny banality of North Dakota news. Anyway, take a look. It's not like you don't have a free half-hour today.


Supercut: Conan Points Out That Harrison Ford Points A Lot

That's how you know he's acting at you. Harrison Ford is arguably Conan O'Brien's best/weirdest guest (three-way tie with Ted Danson and John Tesh) and so, it's always delightful when he stops by. On his most recent appearance, Conan pointed out that like Denzel's "guarantee" and Natalie Portman's sobbing, Ford also has a go-to acting move: thrusting his index finger in the face of his adversaries whether male, female, or giant slug puppet. Harrison Ford's 'I'm being serious now' finger does not discriminate.


'Point Break' Remake Trailer Goes To Extremes

The only law that matters is GRAVITY. And now a trailer for a Point Break remake that isn't called The Fast and the Furious. In this update, the filmmakers decided to throw out the Presidents masks because it's really difficult to pilot a wingsuit in those things. Here The Best of Me's Luke Bracey stars as FBI agent/totally extreme athlete Johnny Utah, who has been tasked with infiltrating a gang of criminals/Mountain Dew commercial stars who are using their abilities to dirtbike and snowboard to "disrupt the international markets." Because that's a thing that could happen. Let's all be thankful that Shaun White and P!nk's husband have chosen to use their powers for good.


NBC Goes To Hell: 'Constantine' Trailer

I mean that in a good way. NBC really like Medium but alas the show didn't have enough fire tornadoes and had to be put out to pasture. Now the network has found a new guy who can not only talk to ghosts but also totally explode them. Based on the successful comic series, Constantine stars Matt Ryan as the man without a soul who can see the world for it it truly is -- filled with gross bugs and tar-barfing Nanas. It's said to be a pretty faithful adaptation of the book so they don't be surprised when its canceled.