'Let's Be Cops' Trailer: Those Guys From 'New Girl' Decide To Be Cops

I like the part where they act like cops. Casting a movie can be fairly daunting and sometimes it means you don't get to watch episodes of New Girl. Unless..... That seems to be the rationale behind casting New Girl co-stars Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans, Jr. as the two slackers who pretend to be cops in Let's Be Cops. After their plans to attend a costume party backfire, the duo find themselves enjoying the attention they get when mistaken for actual police officers. This, of course, leads to sex with attractive women, getting mixed up with criminals, and walking slowly toward the camera. I can't wait for the sequel where they pretend to be ghosts and end up in a real haunted house where they meet young women attracted to ghosts.

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Hide The Children: 'Let's Be Cops' Has A Redband Trailer

'Let's Be Criminals' would be a more fun premise. Looks like the casting director for Let's Be Cops just flipped through primetime TV to do the heavy lifting. The buddy "cop" comedy features Jake Johnson from The New Girl starring alongside Damon Wayans Jr., who had made a name for himself on Happy Endings. It doesn't look like a revolutionary comedy or anything, unless you're 12 years old, but the stars are pretty charming and funny, so maybe they can take this film with a straightforward title and make it shine a little more than this trailer lets on.


Ghosts Find Another Attractive Family To Harass In 'Insidious: Chapter 3'

Dermot Mulroney subs in as "Guy Wandering Around In the Dark." With Patrick Wilson successfully ghost busted, the producers of Insidious: Chapter 3 had to find another handsome guy who would work for little money. Naturally, they rested on Dermot Mulroney because he's really good at that. In this prequel to the micro-budget horror hits, he plays the father of a teenaged girl who ghosts decide to harass. I'm not certain how the third chapter of a story could technically be a prequel, especially when half of the second chapter took place in the 1980's and this one is clearly set in the age of T-Mobile Sidekicks. Also, I'm not certain that ghosts can pull your consciousness into their spooky limbo world either so let's just going into this willing to accept anything.


Watch The First Episode Of 'Girl Crazy'

Written by and starring Elisha Yaffe and Dan Cohen. Considering most of the Screen Junkies staff is made up of former PR reps and current porn addicts, the word "pride" doesn't come up too often 'round these parts. Nonetheless, we take great pride in presenting the first episode of Girl Crazy for your viewing pleasure. Written by and starring Elisha Yaffe and Dan Cohen, Girl Crazy is an original comedy series about shy, neurotic guys and the girls they are too afraid to talk to. If that sounds like it was copied right from the show's website, that's because it was. Like I said, some of us used to be in PR. The show features an ensemble cast including Codi Fischer, Ann Maddox, Holly Prazoff (UCB LA), Alison Becker (Parks & Rec), and Jenna Lyng. More importantly, it's very funny. So watch it, and when you're done, click here to check out some Girl Crazy shorts.


'Son Of No One Trailer': The Mustaches Mean They're Cops

I can't decide if it's the mustaches or Al Pacino shouting his lines that make this look like Generic Cop Movie 2011 Edition. I can't decide if it's the mustaches or Al Pacino shouting his lines that make this look like Generic Cop Movie 2011 Edition. Sundance's closing entry, Son Of No One doesn't really impress with this first trailer. Channing Tatum stars as a cop with some kind of tragedy in his past. He's working the beat in the Queens housing projects where he was raised until a reporter starts digging up dirt about his childhood and deceased Cop Dad. Al Pacino and Ray Liotta (who didn't get the mustache memo) serve as his advisors while guarding whatever secret from his past that inevitably won't have a very good pay off in the end. Also, Katie Holmes is here playing Stressed Out Katie Holmes. And Tracy Morgan will definitely get shot. (MTV)


Pretend Like Frank Underwood Is Speaking Right To You With This Fourth Wall-Breaking Supercut

You'll feel like you're his confidant! Are you lonely? Yeah, I bet you are. You want Kevin Spacey's political antihero Frank Underwood to face you and say a few words so you feel like you have some company? Yeah, of course you do. Well here you go. Digg (Remember Digg?) has put together a supercut of Space's Frank Underwood turning to the camera to speak frankly about whomever he's screwing over at that point in the show. House of Cards uses these moments mostly to break the gravity of the subject matter, as a Kevin Spacey eyeroll lets you know just how far Frank Underwood can remove himself from his actions and promises. Take a look and enjoy *rolls eyes, walks away*


Haunting Survivor Tells Ghost Stories In 'My Amityville Horror'

The Amityville Horror has its share of detractors. Many refuse to believe the claims made by the Lutz and have written them off as a hoax. But no one can deny that Ryan Reynolds looked strange with that beard. The Amityville Horror has its share of detractors. Many refuse to believe the claims made by the Lutz and have written them off as a hoax. The movie update starring a bearded Ryan Reynolds didn't help matters either. But none of those naysayers had to live the nightmare that allegedly befell the Lutz Family. Now, thirty-two years after the original film, the eldest son Daniel has come forward to tell his side of the story. Though it might not silence the skeptics, the things he saw and the nightmare he has relived his entire life are all captured in this documentary. Hopefully through cheap-o "reenactment" footage with local actors who don't know what to do with their arms. (via Dread Central)


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Kevin Spacey Prank Calls Hilary Clinton For Her Bill Clinton's Birthday, Pretending To Be Her Husband

In case you didn't know, her husband's name is William (goes by "Bill") and is also in politics. Having perhaps the most notable "inside politics" show in history (though Veep just keeps getting better and better) in House of Cards probably affords Kevin Spacey to that whole world and its cast of characters. So when he gets the opportunity to call Hilary Clinton to wish her a happy 68th birthday, he doesn't have to play it straight. So, he takes his notable impression skills and calls her up as Bill Clinton, her husband and a predecessor to Frank Underwood as president. Delight in this little exchange, and we'll all plan like it wasn't scripted to death and everyone wasn't in on it from the beginning.