Let The Great Sperm Heist Begin In 'The Babymakers' Trailer

Sperm! Romantic comedies come in two basic flavors nowadays: Sweet, gentle, watch-with-your-parents types, and raunchy keep-the-kids-as-far-away-as-you-possibly-can-dear-sweet-Jesus-in-heaven types. Interestingly, this red band trailer for The Babymakers seems to be pitched somewhere in between. Yeah, there are lots of references to sperm and related fluids, but the overall raunch factor is relatively tame. But, it's about a guy breaking into a sperm bank to steal back his own sperm, so I still recommend watching it. Also, the movie stars Olivia Munn, Paul Schneider, Aisha Tyler, and a regrettably-trailer-absent Wood Harris of The Wire, so check it out if you are into one or more of those people.

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Trailer for ‘A Somewhat Gentle Man’ Looks Norwegian, Really Good

I'm not the type of pretentious ass who combs the Internet looking for European movies in order to backhandedly mock American films. OK, today I am, but normally, I'm not. It's just a slow, slow morning for news, and this trailer looks bad ass, so take a look. I could sit here and pretend to care about the fact that Wrath of the Titans (Clash of the Titans 2) will premiere on March 30, 2012. But honestly, I don't. So instead, I give you this awesome trailer for A Somewhat Gentle Man, a Swedish Norwegian film starring Stellan Skarsgård that looks really cool. Look, I'm not the type of pretentious ass who combs the Internet looking for European movies in order to backhandedly mock American films. OK, toda I am, but normally, I'm not.  It's just a slow, slow morning for news, and this trailer looks bad ass, so take a look. It's got a midget dwarf little person selling guns, and everything! (Movie Line) Editor's Note: I originally had the film labeled as Swedish. I blame Movie Line for the bad info. Bad, Movie Line! Very bad, Movie Line!


'Always Sunny' Cast Goes Gentle Into That Good Night

And they are quickly replaced. After seven seasons and several twisted adventures, the cast of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia have decided to hang it up and move on. Or they were fired. Depends who you ask. However, don't worry about missing the loveable screw-ups at Paddy's Pub. The original actors have all been replaced and we doubt you'll even notice the difference. Haley Osment as Mac, Xzibit as Sweet Dee, Andrew Dice Clay as Frank, UFC Fighter Chael Sonnen as Dennis, and Candace Cameron as Charlie. Throw in Alan Tudyk as Rickety Cricket and we're in business.


Jimmy Fallon Got A Ben & Jerry's Flavor, 'The Tonight Dough'

That weak pun makes me fear it's gonna taste like Leno. Ben and Jerry's, in the name of charity, gave Jimmy Fallon his own ice cream flavor, with all proceeds benefitting the SeriousFun Children's network. So I guess the ice cream company was being charitable in two different ways. Fallon is old hat at getting Ben and Jerry's flavors named after him. In 2011, they launched Late Night Snack, which was discontinued last year. Now we get The Tonight Dough, which contains caramel and chocolate ice cream combined with chocolate cookie swirls, peanut butter cookie dough, and chocolate cookie dough. It sounds like every other Ben and Jerry's flavor, which is to say, delicious. I'm going to eat it because it sounds good, and because it helps fund foster camps for sick kids. But NOT because it's associated with Jimmy Fallon. (A.V. Club)


'Pitch Perfect' Meets 'The Wizard Of Oz'

Not as insufferable as it seems on paper. Todrick Hall teamed up with the group Pentatonix to create this ambitious retelling of The Wizard of Oz by using acapella mashups of popular songs from Frank Ocean, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Motley Crue amongst others. As insufferable as that sounds as a pitch, it's actually really well-done and they spared no expense. They even rented a monkey. Let the countdown to Glee stealing their hard work and arrangements begin... now.


'Pitch Perfect 2' Trailer: Bellas Vs. The World

Never before has A Cappella carried such high stakes. Pitch Perfect 2 finds the Barton Bellas responsible for an incident of Frank Drebinian proportions when Rebel Wilson's bare wallaby is exposed to the President of the United States. Soon, they become a global laughing stock. A situation that can only be remedied by putting it all on the line on the world stage at the World Championships of A Capella. As is the rule of movie sequels, their scariest foe is the European team -- an imposing roster of large, stern Germans with angelic voices and intimidating mesh shirts. If it doesn't all come down to a hip-hop remix mash-up of "99 Luft Balloons," someone is asleep at the wheel over there at Pitch Perfect 2 writing headquarters.


Lord Monckton Should Be A Borat-Type Creation, But Sadly Isn't

We would all feel a lot better if this guy was a fictional character. Australian Daily Show-type program The Hamster Wheel has taken the same approach their US counterparts have to skewering local, national, and international politicians by sending them up with oblivious reporters and letting the subjects just embarrass themselves. Sometimes that job is made very, very easy, such as the case with Lord Monckton. In case you think he doesn't deserve the treatment, you're really wrong. He does. Monckton serves as the Independent Party's head of research, offering up such gems as "the Hitler Youth started off as liberals," "climate change is a myth," and "AIDS sufferers should live on an island somewhere." He also has really buggy eyes that freak the hell out of me, but that's not really his fault, so we'll table that one. Insisting that someone this over the top and ridiculous can only be a Borat-type manifestation, The Hamster Wheel takes this premise and runs with it, even interviewing Monckton as though he was a character. Nice and nicely done, Hamster Wheel.


Jeff Bridges Throws Out First Pitch For Dodgers, Looking A Lot Like The Dude

They couldn't have given him a Dodger bathrobe? To be clear, it wasn't Lebowski Appreciation Night at Dodger Stadium on Saturday when LA played the Cubs. There were no white Russians, and there were no nihilists. Well, if there were nihilists, they weren't drawing attention to themselves. Nope, Jeff Bridges threw out the honorary first pitch of the game to promote his upcoming film The Giver, but we all really know that he's transformed into The Dude. (El Dudarino if you're not into the whole brevity thing.) He went out with shaggy hair, a giant beard, and a baseball glove...on his head. Of course, he threw the opening pitch about six feet high, but that's just because opening pitches are just a ploy by MLB to embarrass celebrities. See also: 50 Cent.