Leonardo DiCaprio Channels Batman In 'J. Edgar' Trailer

Looks good. Can't wait until Taylor Lautner stars in a Dick Cheney biopic. I'd never known that J. Edgar Hoover and Batman were so similar until I watched this trailer for J. Edgar. Both committed themselves to ridding society of gangsters and evil-doers. Both took the fight in both hands when the downtrodden weren't strong enough to rise. And both enjoyed to play dress up. Leonardo DiCaprio and a balding cap star as the FBI director in a story that spans several decades. The 987th film from celebrated director Clint Eastwood, J. Edgar will hit theaters just in time for awards season by opening wide on November 11th. Though it's likely to face some strong competition from Darren Lynn Bousman's 11-11-11.

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Get Your Edgar Wright Fix With...The New Pharrell Video For 'Gust Of Wind'?

It also features Daft Punk helmet statues! (You'll see...) Edgar Wright is known for a couple things: The Cornetto trilogy and dropping out of Ant-Man. But now, he might make like David Fincher in reverse and do a music video or two. Or maybe this was just a one-off. In any event, we don't know what compelled the film director to direct the video for Pharrell's new video for Gust of Wind, but he did. Honestly, there aren't a lot of Edgar Wright hallmarks in the video; it just sorta looks like a very cinematic Pharrell video, but that's part of the fun. Why did they want/need Edgar Wright for this? If you can get past that, it's a pretty fun, autumn-y song, and the soothing digital vocals of Daft Punk will put everything in its proper place. (Vulture)


Obsess Over Darren Lynn Bousman's '11-11-11' Teaser

If television and movies have taught me anything, it's that an obsession with numbers always leads to ghosts, murder, demons, possession, and the purchasing of a successful fried chicken franchise. If television and movies have taught me anything, it's that an obsession with numbers always leads to ghosts, murder, demons, possession, and the purchasing of a successful fried chicken franchise. Looks like this holds true for Darren Lynn Bousman's 11-11-11 as well. The film is still currently shooting but Bousman managed to cobble together this teaser from the footage that is already in the can. The movie's plot centers around the palindromic date that evil has selected for its best time to cross over into our world. Just in time to ruin our Thanksgiving travel plans. Thanks for nothing evil angel guy and other assorted monsters. Dick move. 11-11-11 has no planned released date as of yet. Pretty presumptuous titling there, 11-11-11.


Batman Gives Bruce Wayne A Call

What? Isn't this how we all spend our Friday nights?? [post-album postid="211258" item="3"]Forget about David Mamet's Atlantic Acting School and all the other distinguished learning centers devoted to the craft of performance. Aspiring actors need look no further than this clip from the 1960's "Batman" television series for all the tools they'll need. Discovered on BuzzFeed, Adam West does what we all thought impossible. In a master performance, he conducts a phone conversation with himself as both Bruce Wayne and Batman. The only way this could be funnier is if he were in his Batman costume, or if it was Christian Bale growling at himself.


You'll Never Guess '11-11-11's' Release Date

If you get it, I'll owe you a cookie. Darren Lynn Bousman is back with the official teaser trailer for 11-11-11, now with a confirmed release date. You'll never guess what it is. If you do, I'll owe you a cookie. Looks like Bousman is looking to capitalize on all those Veteran's Day moviegoers by releasing the horror flick on the appropriately calendar date of 11-11-11. The film's conceit is that the numbers 11-11 have appeared throughout history as harbingers of something dreadful yet to arrive. Kind of like the colors black and yellow. Now that that song has been released, I see them everywhere. And I do mean everywhere. They'll appear on something as innocuous as a mustard jar or a bumblebee floating past a taxi cab. But they are out, and they're planning something. You doubt me now but we'll see who's left standing after Wiz Khalifa inadvertently opens a portal to Hell on Earth. (Bloody Disgusting)


Stop Everything!!! This Guy On The Internet Has Something To Say About The Affleck-Batman Decision!

You seem to care an awful lot about a casting decision for a movie that won't be out for two years. Do you care as much about the fact that you're 45 pounds overweight? This guy seems to be beaten down by most every aspect of life, the Affleck news is just the icing on the cake. I hope that this isn't just a one-off video, but we get to watch fanboy here fall further and further into the depths of despair. I bet if Donald Glover had become Spider-Man, this guy would have just walked his downtrodden ass right in to oncoming traffic. For more, check out The Brand Rackley.


'Gotham High' Is A Tricky Place For A Teenage Girl

I dare you to write a logline for this. It's hard to really tell what this is, but it's interesting enough that you won't turn it off. Yup. That's my glowing endorsement. "It's weird and disjointed enough that it's kind of fascinating." Gotham High offers a teenage girl's inventory of Dark Knight-era Batman actors as the played high school students in other roles. Only sometimes it's not like that at all, like when they have the character Powder from the terrible movie Powder portraying a young Mr. Freeze. And then it just sort of turns into clips from 10 Things I Hate About You. Just watch.