Latest 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Trailer Focuses On Alice Eve In Underwear (And Reveals Benedict Cumberbatch's Character)

Plus, an Easter Egg! We've seen a few trailers at this point and heard all of the rumors but now, thanks to this UK trailer, we finally see the proof with our own eyes and ears. Alice Eve does indeed show up in skimpy underwear in Star Trek Into Darkness. Oh, and the identity of Benedict Cumberbatch's villain is revealed at long last. Cumberbatch plays John Harrison, a top Starfleet agent who is now dedicated to f*cking up their sh*t. Against Starfleet's wishes, Chris Pine's Kirk vows to bring Harrison to justice. The young captain seems in over his head as his reckless pursuit of the terrorist puts his crew and loved ones in jeopardy. Now, back to Alice Eve in her underwear. The not-easily-distracted folks at TrekMovie noticed an URL hidden in the shot of Ms. Eve showing off her space panties which did not lead to more pictures of Eve sadly. Instead, it revealed the film's new international poster. How did I not notice that? Just think of all the coded messages I may have missed by oogling actresses in their underwear all these years?