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Latest Body Of Lies Trailer

My aunt sat me down when I was a kid and showed me From Russia With Love. Ever since then, I have been a sucker for a spy flick. Even ones that would not make the list of Most Radical Films (Sneakers, Spy Games, The Saint) entertain the shit out of me.  

I’m really excited about this film for a two reasons. For one, it’s Ridley Scott, and I’m ready for him to redeem himself after Kingdom of Heaven. Yes, American Gangster was a good film, but this is the man that made Blade Runner and Alien—we have to hold him to a high standard. Secondly, I think Leo DiCaprio is a badass. I use to think he was a totally pussy. But then I saw The Departed and Blood Diamond within 12 hours of each other and flipped a bitch.  All it took was a little Dropkick Murphys and some dips in a jail cell.

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