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Lando Calrissian ’08 Link Dump

Leave it to the Empire to lower themselves to such dirty tactics.  How can we forget about their Wookie love child ads against Wedge Antilles’ senatorial campaign? Don’t forget to get out there tomorrow and vote tomorrow for what’s important. Here’s some links to help get the message out. PS, Palpatine looks like McCain’s younger brother.

Bruce Campbell goes JCVD (Filmdrunk)

Ghostbuster Cheerleaders (/films)

Simpsons has best night in 5 years (Variety)

Baron Cohen crashes ban on gay marriage rally (MSNBC)

Clock is reset for the return of 24 (Comingsoon)

The best of Sarah Palin, all the classic hits! (23/6)

McCain addresses the nation on QVC (NBC)

Final Australia Trailer (Filmonic)

The Onion is ready for a new era (CNN)

Indy IV Blu-Ray footage (Empire)

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