Lacey Gets Shown To Her Cell In This 'Femme Fatales' Clip

Women's prison is rough. And sexy. [post-album postid="28909" item="2"]From the creators of Femme Fatales Magazine comes a new late-night anthology series, "Femmes Fatales," about powerful, sexy and dangerous women, debuting this Friday at 11:00 p.m. ET/PT exclusively on Cinemax. In each episode, women find ways of dealing with their problems and relaying on their survival instincts to get them out of sticky situations. The show is inspired by and styled in the tradition of pulp stories, film noir and graphic novels, and takes place in contemporary settings. In this clip from the first episode, movie star Lacey Rivers (Kit Willesee) is in for the role of a lifetime after her fast-living lands her in jail. She has to rely on a starstruck guard to help her navigate the treacherous terrain of women's prison. And that includes a sexy, take no shit cellmate. Things could get rough. Check out "Femme Fatales" this Friday night on Cinemax.

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See A Badass 'Strike Back' Clip - Bad. Ass.

Striking back isn't as difficult as it used to be, people. It appears that the action series Strike Back has been kicking a lot of ass and taking a lot of names over at Cinemax. Want proof? Watch the above clip. It might be pretty quiet as far as Strike Back clips go, but the atmosphere on kick-ass stoicism is readily apparent. If this looks like your cup of explosive tea, you can check out the latest episode on Friday, October 7 at 10:00 PM on Cinemax. Striking back isn't as difficult as it used to be, people.


Exclusive: See Some Shootin' In The Latest 'Strike Back' Clip

'Strike Back' is back. After last week's clip from the Cinemax action series Strike Back, you could be forgiven for thinking this show was all about quiet conversations. If you still think that after watching this clip, though, you're an idiot. It's machine guns goin' off all over the place, y'all! If this sort of thing interests you, you can check out the latest episode on Cinemax, tonight, Friday, October 14 at 10:00 PM. And remember: If you live with other people, turn down the TV, would you? Those ammo bursts can keep a person awake.


First Clip From ‘Red State’: Drinking, Group Sex, Not Sexy

Will 'Red State' be Kevin Smith's version of "Skins?" With underage drinking and implied group sex with teens, you'd think that all signs point to yes. Will Red State be Kevin Smith's version of "Skins?" With underage drinking and implied group sex with teens, you'd think that all signs point to yes. However, a creepy older woman with three teen boys, plus a discussion of shag carpeting, and the fact that it's a horror film makes me think I should stop consulting my Magic 8-Ball so much. Check out the awkward first promo clip above to see for yourself. This is the movie that Smith almost, kinda, but never really actually planned to sell the distribution rights to at a Sundance auction. He's taking this film about teens who get terrorized by a "holy force" after responding to a kinky online ad on the road. He compared the indie distribution model to Gone With The Wind, but the comparisons end there, unless Scarlett O'Hara's famous quote is actually, "As God is my witness, I will never go hungy for d*ck again," after which she put an ad in the personals and ended up getting three teens killed. I admit that I slept through part of it, but somehow I don't think that happened. (Dread Central)


'Orange Is The New Black' Gives Us The First Season 3 Trailer

It's light on plot, but it's got "dramedy" written all over it. It's been a year since your Facebook feed was riddled with posts anticipating the sophomore season of Orange is the New Black, so now we get our first look at season three of the Netflix dramedy that suggests life in a women's prison isn't really like Cinemax led us to believe. We don't get much in the way of story here, which is probably good, since that means I don't have to navigate spoiler territory, but it's safe to say that the tone of the trailer is in keeping with the tone of earlier seasons. Also, it warrants mentioning that Piper's looking a little rougher around the edges than before. Don't be surprised if we see her stray further into morally ambiguous waters. (Deadline)


Joaquin Phoenix Falls In Love With A Sexy J.A.R.V.I.S. In Spike Jonze's 'Her' Trailer

A Spike Jonze Love Story. My wife gets mad at me because I'm always paying more attention to my phone than I am to her. But at least I'm not as bad as this guy. In Spike Jonze's 'Her', Joaquin Phoenix plays a man whose creeper stache prevents him from finding love. In the reality of this film, the iPhone's Siri is actually useful and is way better at flirting. And so, Phoenix finds himself falling for the disembodied voice of Scarlett Johansson as so many fans of the actress's "Anywhere I Lay My Head" album and scrambled HBO viewings of Match Point already have.


In This 'Pound Of Flesh' Clip, JCVD Tracks Down The People Who Stole His Organs

An organ-less Jean-Claude Van Damme taking to the streets is terrifying. Do you like Jean-Claude Van Damme? Nevermind. Just keep reading regardless of how you would have answered this. He's stepping out in a new, slightly less self-aware film called Pound of Flesh, in which the Belgian action star wakes up in the familiar tub full of ice, only to discover his kidney has been jacked. There's a wrinkle to this otherwise run-of-the-mill organ theft story: HIS DYING NIECE NEEDS THAT KIDNEY! They pissed off the wrong aging Belgian action star this time. Maybe he could just go down this route: (THR)


Katee Sackhoff Is Evil And Sexy In 'Sexy Evil Genius' Trailer

There's a good reason we don't look up our exes. In Sexy Evil Genius (now available on DVD and On-Demand) a group of strangers are lured to a downtown LA bar by Nikki, the ex-girlfriend they all have in common. Fresh out of prison for the murder of her last ex-boyfriend (who couldn't attend on account of being dead), Nikki is mysterious about her intentions and her current and former lovers soon realize they are all caught in one of her brilliant, mischievous mind-games with possible deadly consequences. Or maybe a gang-bang? I once went on a ski trip with an ex and unbeknownst to me, she invited a few of her other exes. It didn't end in murder though I wanted it to.


Don't F*ck With This Uncensored Clip From Last Season's 'Walking Dead' Finale

Not since Drunk History have I seen a curse word used so effectively. By Jared Jones I think we can all agree that our society's double standard when it comes to violence and naughty language (or naughty bits, for that matter), is f*cking ridiculous. What, watching a man have his f*cking intestines ripped out by a pack of voracious f*cking cannibals is acceptable, but only as long as his final words are "Gosh darn it!!" and not the righteous "F******************CK!!" that poor bastard deserves? Don't get me wrong, TV censorship can sometimes be utilized to hilarious effect — I am of course referring to the moment in (edited) Snakes on a Plane when Sir Samuel L. declares that he has grown tired of these monkey-fighting snakes on this Monday-to-Friday plane. But for the most part, censorship is a weak-ass practice perpetuated by cowards. It's the nadir of artistic expression. It's plain un-American, is what it is. This was never more apparent than during the closing moments of last season's otherwise excellent Walking Dead finale, where after RIPPING OUT A MAN'S THROAT WITH HIS TEETH, Rick Grimes was not allowed to drop an F-bomb after being SHOT AT AND CAPTURED BY A GROUP OF CANNIBALS. "They're screwing with the wrong people," Grimes instead muttered, drawing a collective groan from hardcore and casual WD fans alike. But now, AMC has released an uncensored clip of the original, more swearier version of season 5's closing line. Not since Drunk History have I seen a curse word used so effectively.