Kristen Bell Has A Wet Butt In 'The Lifeguard' Trailer

When life gives you lemons, bang a teenager. So if the headline of this article is a little off base. This trailer for The Lifeguard doesn't specifically focus on Kristen Bell's butt being wet at any point but there are several scenes involving swimming and sitting at a pool's edge. Both of these activities typically lead to some level of wet butt. Like it or not, Kristen Bell's wet butt is in Google's hands now. The Lifeguard is actually more dramatic than a case of wet butt. Bell stars as a woman on the cusp of thirty who feels sad and stymied. Tired of moping around the Astor Place subway station, she opts to move back home with her parents and return to her high school job as a local lifeguard. She then spirals into a summer of immaturity that leads to a romance with a teenager. I'm not sure "carefree" is an attribute we want in our nation's lifeguards. She'd better shape up and realize that calf cramps are one killer who doesn't take a holiday.