Knight Rider Rescues Vanessa Williams From Terrorists

We are still in the days of TV experimentation, and tonight just may be the riskiest decision. Yep, we're watching Knight Rider, because it's been written up as being "nothing more than car-porn," or being "so delectably bad that you have to watch it just to tell your grandchildren that you were there," and because tonight's episode involves rescuing Vanessa Williams from terrorists. To cleanse the palate, VH1 is offering the 40 greatest pranks of all-time.

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First Look At 'Sinister 2': Yep, Still Horrifying

So much dangerous farm equipment. The teaser trailer for Sinister 2 reveals that Buhguul is up to his old tricks of murdering families and eating kids' souls again. Jerk. In the aftermath of the shocking events in “Sinister,” a protective mother (Shannyn Sossamon of “Wayward Pines”) and her 9-year-old twin sons (real-life twins Robert and Dartanian Sloan) find themselves in a rural house marked for death as the evil spirit of Buhguul continues to spread with frightening intensity. The most terrifying addition to this sequel seems to be the cornfield itself. There could be a jump scare lurking at every turn.


Honest Trailers: 'The Dark Knight'

Because you demanded it. Normally we don't negotiate with terrorists, but since so many of you demanded it, we gave the honest trailer treatment to one of your all-time favorite films.  From Christopher Nolan, the director who makes Joel Schumacher look like a huge turd sandwich, comes the gritty continuation of Batman and his awful, awful voice : The Dark Knight. Now you can relive all the glorious, gritty plot holes before seeing The Dark Knight Rises...


'Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance' Trailer Is An Improvement

Much better than the first attempt. Here's our first look at what Crank directors Mark Nevaldine and Brian Taylor cooked up for Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance. There's no shortage of crazy here. However, there is a shortage of restraint. On the one hand, the action looks pretty cool in the over-the-top way that you'd expect, but then you're treated to seeing Ghost Rider eat and regurgitate bullets before peeing a stream of fire. I guess Nicolas Cage didn't get that out of his system in Bad Lieutenant.


'Stretch' Red Band Trailer: Yep, That's A Joe Carnahan Movie

All that's missing is Peter Berg getting his SAG days. Stretch looks to be Joe Carnahan's return to the frenetic, mayhemic, film-making that he flirted with in Smokin' Aces. Much like that movie, Stretch appears to be all style over substance as Patrick Wilson's limo driver spends a night doing shady things in LA's underbelly. This red band trailer centers on the film's nudity, violence, drugs, and Chris Pine acting like a crazy person. All that's missing is Peter Berg getting his SAG days.


'Dark Knight Rises' Trailer

Check it out. But also go see 'Misson: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol'. The real trailer has been posted. No more bootlegs! Some thoughtful moviegoer was nice enough to film this trailer for Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises. Sadly, they filmed it using their butt. However, since this is the most highly-anticipated film this year it still looks great. Despite the assy quality of the filming. So have a look while you can at Arkham inmates running amok, Bane ruining a day at the football stadium, and Anne Hathaway occupying Gotham. (Buzzfeed)


Dinklage FTW In 'Knights Of Badassdom' Trailer

The man can even make LARPers likable. The trailer for Knights of Badassdom is here and it does the impossible. Makes LARPing look awesome. The movie stars Ryan Kwanten, Summer Glau, Peter Dinklage, Steve Zahn, Danny Pudi, and Jimmi Simpson as a group of LARPers who unwittingly open a portal that allows a demon to enter our world. They then have no choice but to pick up real weapons and vanquish the beast before it destroys them all. Fun premise but I'm having a difficult time suspending my disbelief. I refuse to believe girls as hot as Summer Glau hang around LARPers. Unless they're selling something.


William Shatner Gets The Straight Dope In 'The Captains' Documentary

He's like the Michael Moore of nerdy stuff. [post-album postid="208133" item="3"]Famed mountain climber William Shatner has embarked on another grand journey. In this trailer for The Captains, Shatner tracks down and interviews Star Trek's various Captains. But more importantly, he also finds occasion to sit in a cardboard box like some kind of well-dressed hobo. While interviewing his Starfleet Command peers, Shatner also recalls his own experiences with playing the role. The actors interviewed are Patrick Stewart, Chris Pine, Kate Mulgrew, Avery Brooks, and, okay, I guess throw Scott Bakula in there too. Here's hoping the sequel will see Shatner chasing after the sexy ladies of Star Trek. It can't be hard to find that footage.