Kilowog Goes All Bad Teacher In First ‘Green Lantern’ Clip

No Lantern left behind, Kilowog. [post-album postid="15173" item="5"]If you want to be Green Lantern, you have to go through Kilowog first, as this clip from G4's"Attack of the Show" illustrates. Michael Clarke Duncan swung by the show to talk about having an awesome voice and portraying interstellar drill sergeant Kilowog. At first, I wasn't so hot on the Green Lantern, but the recent trailers and this clip have me getting kinda amped for it. Yes, it does look a bit like The Mask, but this clip could be far sillier than it is. All in all, it looks like a fun summer spectacle. Starring Duncan, Blake Lively, Mark Strong, Peter Sarsgaard, and Ryan Reynolds' head, Green Lantern opens in theaters June 17th. (Superhero Hype)