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‘Killer Elite’s Second Trailer Confirms That These Are The Most Elite Of Killers

In case you couldn’t figure out what the first Killer Elite trailer was about (kicking anyone and everyone, sometimes while strapped to chairs), then this second trailer should give you a better sense.

In fact, this one dials up the brainless action even more, with phrases like “The hunter become the hunted” and “May the best man live.” Awesome. And of course, the latter half of the trailer is still set to Scorpions’ “Rock You Like a Hurricane,” so don’t go strutting around thinking this film will rock you like anything less than a hurricane, cause that’s just not gonna happen.

Oh yeah, the plot: It would appear (after like five viewings) that Jason Statham is tight with Robert De Niro, who will be killed by Clive Owen unless Jason Statham does something that involves shooting lots of guns and kicking people. The rest is incidental. Oh, there’s also a girl, but it’s not clear how she comes into play. Please note the girl is hot, which is good, because that really could have gone either way.

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