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Kids Cry About Aliens In 5 Minute Preview Of Spielberg’s ‘Falling Skies’

If there are two things Steven Spielberg can’t get enough of, it’s aliens and families. I wonder how many seasons of “ALF” he owns.

Above is a five minute preview clip for “Falling Skies,” the upcoming TNT series from Executive Producer Spielberg. Oh, that’s the third thing he can’t get enough of: getting an Executive Producer credit. You can tell it’s a Spielberg-approved alien drama, because it opens with children coloring, drawing sad pictures of their families getting murdered by aliens, crying. Your heartstrings have been epically pulled, and it gets way lighter from there. Noah Wyle and Moon Bloodgood (what a batshit crazy name she has) star in this creepy-looking drama, which lands June 19, 2011.

I enjoyed the preview. It looks very “The Walking Dead“-y so far, but with so much zombie overkill lately, it’s nice to get an alie break. Then we can run aliens into the ground for awhile and go back to vampires. Hopefully, not teen vampires.

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