'Kidnapped' Might Be The Most Disturbing Film You See This Decade

If you like foreign films, but prefer home invasions and graphic rapes to that 'Amelie' crap, this is your cup of tea. Now that the headline has sucked you in, let's talk about Kidnapped. It's a Spanish-language film about an upper-class family whose quiet night at home is interrupted by some masked home invaders. The film then takes a graphic and disturbing turn as the criminals put the family through hell. Screen Junkies editor, Ian, caught this film at FantasticFest and claimed it to be "the most horrific film I've ever seen." I try every day to horrify Ian with my writing, and, I assure you, he's usually unflappable. Beyond the gore, violence, and generally disturbing action, there's something more to this film, however. Director Miguel Angel Vivas constructed the film around twelve shots. While this approach could be (and has been) dismissed as gimmicky I have been told that it not only works, but serves the tension and story well. Kidnapped hits theaters via IFC on June 17. Lock your doors.

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Surprise, Surprise: A CGI Paddington Bear Looks Disturbing In The 'Paddington' Trailer

I don't remember him sticking his face in so many toilets in the books. In an effort to ensure that no element of your childhood be without a move based on that element, The Weinstein Company gives us Paddington, a live-action/CGI film that follows around that marmalade-lovin' ursine bastard. The film is of course based on the children's book A Bear Called Paddington. He's voiced by Colin Firth, who is pretty much a less furry Paddington bear in human form anyway. Lest you treat this film as optional viewing, its release date is December 25th, 2014...so you WILL SEE THIS WITH YOUR FAMILY AND IT WILL BE PLEASANT. Because we all know the lowest common denominators among families during the holidays are Colin Firth and cartoon British bears. That's not up for discussion.


'Tabloid' Trailer: Errol Morris Kidnaps, Chains Up Your Attention

Did Joyce McKinney rape and kidnap a mormon missionary? The most interesting gossip is vintage. Charlie Sheen got fired from a TV show for drinking and talking smack on the internet. Crazy smack, but still, it's nothing compared to the strange story of 70s beauty queen Joyce McKinney. An IQ of 168 did not keep McKinney out of trouble. In 1977, she became a tabloid sensation for supposedly raping and kidnapping Kirk Anderson, a mormon missionary. The trailer above is for Tabloid, a documentary about the "the Mormon sex in chains case" by documentarian Errol Morris (Fog of War). McKinney describes why the rape charge is absurd, comparing it to sticking a marshmallow into a parking meter. That just became my favorite analogy of the day, possibly the month. Things only get crazier from there. It's a fun, slick trailer that kept my attention without spoiling too much. If you're looking for break from monsters and superheroes this summer - though I'm not sure why you would be - and the reviews are good, I'd bring your paparazzi camera over to theaters July 15th. Check out the poster below.


Watch An Earthquake Ruin Los Angeles In The 'San Andreas' Trailer

I'm going to watch it standing under a doorway or in my tub. If you've ever watched an episode of The Kardashians or E! News Daily and just wished that Los Angeles would collapse into itself, we've got some good news: The trailer for San Andreas is here, and the whole damn city is gonna hit the proverbial fan. As the name suggests, San Andreas is about a really, really, really big earthquake. Though the film stars The Rock, I think it's unlikely that even he will be able to protect an entire city from a geological event. But I'm sure that won't stop him from taking his shirt off and trying. It actually looks like a pretty fun action flick, and the ones where entire cities are destroyed are normally a lot better than the ones in which entire cities are ALMOST destroyed, so let's all watch LA burn.


'Hugo' Trailer Is A Dickensian 'Home Alone'

Hugo's dad gives awesome gifts, from the look of this trailer. Martin Scorsese is taking break from his Leo DiCaprio-laden works to venture off into the realm of family fare with Hugo, the story of an orphaned boy who teams up with a girl to unlock the secrets of his father's last gift to him. It's got some very Victorian sensibilities, going for the look that those Zemeckis mo-cap films went for but never got. It also boasts Sacha Baron Cohen playing it fairly straight as a train worker who is constantly on the heels of the duo. Also, he falls into a cake. On first glance, it would appear that the stars have aligned to bring us the funny, touching, 3D family film that so many studios have tried to wheel out and failed. High hopes for this one.  


Macauley Culkin Fights Monsters In ‘I Am Home Alone’

The holiday spirit has been lacking a bit around here lately. Luckily, we have this video of Macaulay Culkin battling vampires to help us recapture it. The holiday spirit has been lacking a bit around here but we've got a video here to help us recapture it. Not many know about this but the film we know as Home Alone was originally filmed to be an action thriller with strong horror elements. After it tested poorly, the studio demanded it re-cut as lighthearted family fare. The results broke box office records, so way to go studio. Luckily, Jeff Schmalz was able to unearth an earlier cut of the film. The one where Macauley Culkin stars as the last boy on Earth and fights off those vampires or zombies or whatever you want to call them. Without further ado, I Am Home Alone. (via Topless Robot)


Sam Worthington Kidnaps Dr. McNazi In New 'The Debt' Trailer

We've got a new trailer for 'The Debt', starring Sam Worthington, Helen Mirren and Tom Wilkinson. Three Israeli spies snuck into East Berlin to kidnap a horrible Nazi doctor... Stop me if you've heard this one. For those of you who have never seen a movie where the villain is a Nazi - which I assume is all of you - then get ready for a treat. Above is the trailer for The Debt, a Focus Features film directed by John Madden, starring Sam Worthington, Helen Mirren, Jessica "Young Helen Mirren" Chastain, and Tom Wilkinson. The film is about a Mossad mission in 1966 where three Israeli spies snuck into East Berlin to kidnap a horrible Nazi doctor. Surrounding that mission are dangers, secrets, and secret dangers. We follow the characters as they complete (?) the mission in the 60s, and thirty-some years later, when two of the now retired agents receive shocking news about their partner. *Duhn-duhn-duuuuuhn* All goof-arounds aside, I can see this being an intriguing thriller. We see a lot of films about the Holocaust, but not as many about what happened afterward. Also, Israeli soldiers know how to kick some serious ass, and we saw a lot of Helen Mirren's solid-looking boobs on a recent "SNL" episode I am intrigued.


Angels And Airwaves Take Emo Into Space With 'Love'

Angel's and Airwave's frontman Tom DeLonge has produced and scored a film with the Google-proof title of 'Love.' Angel's and Airwave's frontman Tom DeLonge (formerly of Blink-182 notoriety) has decided to take his sweeping emotional sensibility to film as producer and scorer of a film with the Google-proof title of Love. Love follows an astronaut named Lee Miller who, while on a solo mission, has to fight to maintain his sanity and save his own life. Based on that description alone, it's small wonder that the film is drawing comparisons to Moon, Solaris, and the benchmark fo the genre, 2001. While any cross-disciplanary dalliances by musicians into the film world are cause for skepticism, it appears that Love has a pretty compelling story to tell. The Angels and Airwaves score feels appropriate, and the fact that many of these sets were constructed in director William Eubank's backyard, makes the undertaking all the more impressive. It premieres shortly at the Santa Barbara Film Festival, and currently has no distributors. Based on the trailer and DeLonge's involvement, expect that latter circumstance to change pretty soon. All this from a guy who, not so long ago, instructed us to "Take off our pants and jacket." Welcome to adulthood, Tom.  (/Film)