'Kick-Ass 2' Red Band Trailer Does Not Disappoint

Violence, humor, and a dog dressed as a superhero. In 2010, a film came into our lives so blood-soaked and politically-incorrect that we were powerless not to love it. And now, we get a second helping. Though they've tweaked their names a little bit in the past few years, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Chloe Moretz are back in fighting shape to take on the criminal sleaze of New York City. However, Christopher Mintz-Plasse is back too and out for revenge by reinventing himself as the world's first supervillian, The Motherfucker. Jim Carrey also joins the cast as another wannabe hero taking back the streets with the help of his well-trained dog. I'm a sucker for a dog in costume. God forbid any harm fall on that animal. We'll find out June 28th.

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Back In <del>Black</del> Orange: 'Orange Is The New Black' Season 2 Trailer

Take another look inside the reality of women's prisons and all their wacky hairdos. Orange Is The New Black is back with a trailer for season two which was almost the perfect opportunity to use AC/DC's "Back In Black." Almost. Thanks to the shortsightedness of the show titling dept., there will be no rocking with anybody's anything out. The Netflix original series gives us a look inside the reality of women's prisons and all their wacky hairdos.


'Red 2' Trailer: I'm Getting Too Old For This Schtick

At this point they should cast Betty White and call it a day. I'm not sure how it came to fruition but here's a trailer for Red 2 -- the follow up to Red, a movie that exists. All of your favorite things about the original are back: John Malkovich pretends to be insane, Bruce Willis throws bad guys through furniture, and Helen Mirren acts like Jason Statham. Now, with the added elderly star power of Anthony Hopkins and Catherine Zeta Jones (mid-40's = Hollywood elderly) and the karate of Byung-hun Lee, who has aged incredibly well. But back to Mirren, can we get her to star in a straight-up action vehicle without any winks? She'd be great as Jason Bourne.


Things Get Intense, Awesome In The ‘Straw Dogs’ Trailer

You've pushed James Marsden's buttons for the last time, Alexander Skarsgard. Straw Dogs was clearly a movie that did not need its story to be retold. Movie buffs lamented this remake as lazy and unoriginal. Perhaps they were right about the motivations behind the decision to remake the film, but, as this trailer demonstrates, the end result looks pretty intense and fun. This remake of Straw Dogs follows the same basic formula as the original, with James Marsden and Kate Bosworth playing the happy couple and Alexander Skarsgard playing the head baddie. Marsden and Bosworth get tormented by Skarsgard until the mild-mannered Marsden stands his ground, much like Dustin Hoffman did in the original. While the big star of this film is certainly the story, any questions as to whether direction and performances can live up to the original should be answered here. It's not the original, but it looks like a damn entertaining film. People should harass James Marsden much more frequently if this is the result.


New 'Vacation' Trailer Raises The Dog Pee Sandwich Bar

Rusty Griswold is going to Wally World even if it murders him. If you're seeking to revitalize a comedy franchise like the Vacation films, you've got to up the gross out comedy ante to contend with today's offerings. And that's what has lead us Rusty Griswold and family bathing in raw sewage. The original series switched out its Rusty and Audrey characters in order to keep their ages consistent. This new series may have to switch out the kids for health reasons.


Man In Dog Suit Not Embarrassed To Be Seen With Elijah Wood

Pills, cigarettes, sex dolls, and holes dug in the backyard. It's the closest we'll ever get to a Charlie Sheen reality show. Pills, cigarettes, sex dolls, and holes dug in the backyard. No, it's not a Charlie Sheen reality show. It's actually a promo for the comedy that FX saved from the wilds of Australia. Elijah Wood stars in "Wilfred," a show about a guy and a dog except the dog is actually played by a guy in a dog suit but everyone who is not Elijah Wood sees a normal dog instead of a guy in a suit. So, like, when the guy in the dog suit smokes or uses a shovel, do non-Elijah Woods see a dog with a cigarette in its mouth or shovel in its paws? And what about the bipedal walking thing? You gotta hand it to him though, Elijah Wood does make a great John Arbuckle.


'Dylan Dog: Dead Of Night' Trailer Shows What Would Happen If Hellboy Were Handsome

Between Hellboy, The Monster Squad, and the Men In Black, I thought our bases were pretty much covered when it comes to protecting us against the things that go bump in the night. How naive of me. Between Hellboy, The Monster Squad, and the Men In Black, I thought our bases were pretty much covered when it comes to protecting us against the things that go bump in the night. How naive of me. I didn't take into account Dylan Dog. In the trailer for Dylan Dog: Dead Of Night, Brandon Routh plays the title character. He's like a more light-hearted Constantine, in charge of investigating and dispatching villianous werewolves, vampires, and assorted ghouls. Routh's Superman Returns co-star Sam Huntington appears by his side once again as Marcus, his zombie cohort. Fans of the original Italian comic may remember Dylan Dog's sidekick being a Groucho Marx impersonator, but those rights couldn't be cleared for the film. Apologies to all Groucho fans who hoping to hear Sam Hunginton imitate him. Maybe you can bring your hacky grandpa to the theater with you instead.


Jack, Get Back: MTV's 'Footloose' Trailer Is Here

You'd think after more than two decades of crack and teenage pregnancies, this town would have gotten over the whole "no dancing" thing. [post-album postid="217364" item="1"]The new trailer for Footloose is exactly what you'd think it would be: Footloose, but, you know, for MTV. The story seems to be the exact same as the Kevin Bacon original, except now the high school students are crumping. Because all kids in 2011, even in the small towns, crump almost daily. The census taught us that. John Lithgow's big, bad dad is now played by Dennis Quaid. Hmm...what else? The lead character shows up for the first day of school in a hipster tie, so it's hard to feel sorry about everything that happens to him from that point on. Then Julianne Hough comes in with her attitude and sunglasses and hips. I like that. And from there characters appear to race modified school buses in a junkyard. What? Yes.


Check Out Nearly 2 Minutes From Season 2 Of 'Game Of Thrones'

If you think you can handle it, that is. For fans of the HBO series Game of Thrones, April 1 can't come soon enough. Not, not because people who like Game of Thrones are also statistically certain to enjoy harmless practical jokes on friends and loved ones - but because April 1 is when the show is set to come back on HBO. If this describes you, why not check out the ample above clip, with plenty of ominous line-readings and violent death. It's two minutes of Heaven!