Thursday, August 11 by

Kevin Spacey Is Likable In The ‘Father Of Invention’ Trailer

The film opens with a familiar sight: Kevin Spacey being a sleazy salesman. However, as the trailer for Father of Invention moves along, it confuses the viewer by showing us a Spacey that doesn’t seem to hate other people or himself. He’s kind of an okay guy.

We watch Spacey’s inventor character fall from grace, only to be released from prison ten years later to pick up the pieces with his career, wife, and daughter. Also, he gets yelled at by his boss at Wal-Mart, Johnny Knoxville.

The trailer manages to walk the line between heartwarming and saccharine pretty well, and it even humanizes Kevin Spacey. So it does the impossible twice. Way to go, director Trent Cooper. Way to go, EVERYONE.

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