Kevin Smith Scares You With ‘Red State’ Teaser and ‘Jersey Girl’ Joke

You can see a few bits of John Goodman in this 'Red State' teaser, the way he looks in my "Roseanne" nightmares. What's more frightening than Kevin Smith's upcoming horror movie Red State? His mediocre attempts at self-deprecating humor. Remember when he complained about being too fat for that airplane, you guys? Cause I forgot all about it a long time ago. However, I'm gonna cut the director some slack, cause he's probably out of breath from (lightly) exercising, getting in shape to run around the country and plug his new movie into any theater that'll screen it. Not-so-Silent Bob's intro notwithstanding, the teaser itself is very tense and effective. You can see a few bits of John Goodman the way he looks in my "Roseanne" nightmares - stern and viewed through a shaky lens. The film also stars Kevin Pollack and Stephen Root. The Red State tour starts March 5th. (Cinema Blend,

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Kneel Before Kevin Smith's 'Red State' Trailer

On your knees, lunchbox. Everybody shut the fuck up and watch the official trailer for Kevin Smith's Red State. It opens with three young men trying to get drunk enough to bang Melissa Leo. They're then unknowingly drugged and captured by her family of wacky religious fundamentalists. From there we see the gonzo practices of Michael Parks' church and then a full-on standoff between the church and John Goodman: FBI. It's Smith's first foray into horror (besides working with J. Lo) and immediately comes off as stirring as the work of Rob Zombie. Judging from the trailer, the film boasts more than a few tense, white knuckle moments. I wonder how Jay and Silent Bob are going to save the day this time.  


Kevin Smith’s ‘Red State’ Teaser Looks Like A Rob Zombie Movie

Why did Kevin Smith film this with a buttcam? This first look at Kevin Smith's Red State seems like a real departure for the director. It's gritty with it's muted colors and low-tech imagery. The camera work itself is a big departure for Smith, whose primarily known for not employing a lot of movement in his shots. Though it's used to perfect effect here, ratcheting up the terror by towing the audience along for the gruesome horror. Also, there's no orangutan.


First Clip From ‘Red State’: Drinking, Group Sex, Not Sexy

Will 'Red State' be Kevin Smith's version of "Skins?" With underage drinking and implied group sex with teens, you'd think that all signs point to yes. Will Red State be Kevin Smith's version of "Skins?" With underage drinking and implied group sex with teens, you'd think that all signs point to yes. However, a creepy older woman with three teen boys, plus a discussion of shag carpeting, and the fact that it's a horror film makes me think I should stop consulting my Magic 8-Ball so much. Check out the awkward first promo clip above to see for yourself. This is the movie that Smith almost, kinda, but never really actually planned to sell the distribution rights to at a Sundance auction. He's taking this film about teens who get terrorized by a "holy force" after responding to a kinky online ad on the road. He compared the indie distribution model to Gone With The Wind, but the comparisons end there, unless Scarlett O'Hara's famous quote is actually, "As God is my witness, I will never go hungy for d*ck again," after which she put an ad in the personals and ended up getting three teens killed. I admit that I slept through part of it, but somehow I don't think that happened. (Dread Central)


The 'Entourage' Teaser Trailer Is One Long Frat Boy Nightmare

Can I get a HELL YEAH, BROS!!! (*funnels Goldschlager*) By Jared Jones Four years after the show ended and eight years after we begged everyone involved to stop, Vinnie Chase, Ari Gold, and the Entourage boys are coming back! Can I get a HELL YEAH, BROS!!! (*funnels Goldschlager*) Featuring an extended rave sequence set to EDM, a bikini-clad yacht rager, and a plotline involving UFC women's champion Ronda Rousey, this "teaser" trailer is practically a frat brother's wet dream come to life — all that's missing is a 30 gallon storage bin full of ibuprofen-spiked jungle juice. Why ibuprofen? BECAUSE IT GETS YOU DRUNKER, YOU F*CKIN' NERD. What's that, you're wondering what the plot of this soggy turd is? Well, I've watched the trailer three times and haven't the slightest goddamn clue, so let's consult the text: Movie star Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier), together with his boys, Eric (Kevin Connolly), Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) and Johnny (Kevin Dillon), are back…and back in business with super-agent-turned-studio head Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven). Some of their ambitions have changed, but the bond between them remains strong as they navigate the capricious and often cutthroat world of Hollywood. Well, that sounds about as complex and interesting as anything that ever happened in the show, and that shit lasted eight seasons. Eight!!! We deserved 9/11. Entourage drops June 5th. In the meantime, say hi to your mother for me.


John C. Reilly Is The Best Dad In 'We Need To Talk About Kevin' Trailer

Except that he raises a psychopath. Oops. On a mission to bum us all out, Lynne Ramsay has finally adapted Lionel Shriver's novel, We Need To Talk About Kevin. Tilda Swinton stars as a mother recounting the events that lead up to her son massacring his high school classmates and teachers. Though you wouldn't completely get that sense from this trailer. It's played up as more of a whimsical tale of new parents raising a little asshole. It seems that from the time he is born, Kevin hates his mother but loves his dad, played by John C. Reilly. In all honesty though, who could dislike that Steve Brule?


Trailer For Kevin James’ ‘The Zookeeper’: Nothing Matters Anymore

If you were worried that Kevin James doesn't ride a tricycle in this movie, don't worry. You'll be fine. We all knew this day would come. Kevin James' The Zookeeper is now 51 days from being released, and, as such, we have a trailer. Consequently, I just watched two-and-a-half minutes of this film, which was roughly 150 seconds more Kevin James movie than I wanted to watch. Fortunately, this trailer follows the Kevin James checklist, so I can just copy and paste from my Hitch/Paul Blart/Grown-Ups reviews. Is Kevin James: in an unconventional, yet traditionally demeaning job? a buffoon? for reasons inexplicable dating an insanely hot girl? redeemable? rocking out to an apt classic rock song? (Talking Heads "Wild Life") talking to wise CGI animals? (new!) riding a tricycle like an idiot? (new!) responsible for the death of a giraffe in real life on the set? (new!) Not sure what else you need to know. Once you heard or read, "Kevin James" and"Zookeeper," you had already had your mind made up. And nothing here will dissuade you.


'Red 2' Trailer: I'm Getting Too Old For This Schtick

At this point they should cast Betty White and call it a day. I'm not sure how it came to fruition but here's a trailer for Red 2 -- the follow up to Red, a movie that exists. All of your favorite things about the original are back: John Malkovich pretends to be insane, Bruce Willis throws bad guys through furniture, and Helen Mirren acts like Jason Statham. Now, with the added elderly star power of Anthony Hopkins and Catherine Zeta Jones (mid-40's = Hollywood elderly) and the karate of Byung-hun Lee, who has aged incredibly well. But back to Mirren, can we get her to star in a straight-up action vehicle without any winks? She'd be great as Jason Bourne.