Ken Marino Campaigned For His Emmy Nod Shirtless, In A Fireman's Uniform, In The Street

You have to be proactive these days. Ken Marino isn't quite a household name, and right now, his steady gig, the comedy short series Burning Love, isn't exactly blowing up Nielsen boxes. So in order to get some recognition in what he calls the "short form whatever" category, he took to the streets of LA shirtless, wearing a fireman's outfit. Because his character is a firefighter. He yelled "CONSIDER ME!" in front of the Paramount lot while holding a sign that said "For Your Consideration." Will it work? Who cares about short form Emmy categories? This is funny.

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Ken Marino's Butt-Demon Keeps Killing People In 'Bad Milo' Red Band Trailer

A film for the annals of history. Sometimes excessive stress can cause intestinal problems like a demon that climbs out of your rectum and kills people. It is rare though. Ken Marino stars in Bad Milo as Duncan, a stressed out guy who finds himself suffering from a vengeful butt-demon. When Activia is unable to help him with this issue, Duncan attempts to befriend the creature and keep its insatiable appetite at bay. Think Little Shop of Horrors meets the bathroom scene from Dumb and Dumber.


'Toy Story: Hawaiian Vacation' Trailer Is a Little Ken-Heavy For My Tastes

If I was running Pixar, I would be reluctant to say goodbye to the Toy Story cash cow, too. If I was running Pixar, I would be reluctant to say goodbye to the Toy Story cash cow, too. Since it's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday, the animation behemoth has decided to run a Toy Story short before this summer's Cars 2. It makes sense that they would use the beloved toys to buoy the interest in the inferior Cars franchise, but it's hard not to view this death rattle as a bit of a down note on which the series will end. Much like Michael Jordan's myriad comebacks. As for the trailer itself, it makes Toy Story: Hawaiian Vacation appear pretty derivative by Pixar's high standards. When did the writers use Brady Bunch plots as inspiration? The trailer focuses on Barbie and Ken, the two Shrek-iest chracters in the Toy Story universe. That Ken! Such a diva with his luggage and ambiguous sexuality! (Vulture)


Watch ’30 Rock’ In Animated Form

Alec Baldwin looks better as a toon. NBC apparently isn't content to have "30 Rock" simply be a live-action cartoon - they want to turn it into a literal cartoon as well. And lucky you, you can watch it right here. This cartoon, which is the first in a planned series of three, features Alex Baldwin as the Bugs Bunny to NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams' Elmer Fudd. An animated version of"30 Rock" is making me wonder about other TV possibilities - a cartoon short based on"Boardwalk Empire," perhaps. Or maybe a live-action "Archer." These are all great ideas, I hope I get paid when they happen. (Vulture)


James Franco Now Available In Straight To Video Form

James Franco doesn't have enough of your attention yet. It's been a while since anything's been heard from actor/writer/student/professor of Egyptology James Franco, presumably because he's been trotting the globe on his latest adventure. Or maybe he was just working on Shadows & Lies. Here's what it's all about, Francophiles: "Franco plays William Vincent, a quiet and mysterious criminal. When he falls for a New York gangster’s (Josh Lucas) favorite call girl (Julianne Nicholson), Vincent is forced to flee the city, threatened with death if he should ever return. But after four years in exile, Vincent secretly returns intent on rescuing the woman he loves from her dangerous fate." Sounds pretty cool. The movie is coming out on DVD, Blu-ray, and VOD on June 7, but you can see a clip from the movie above. Enjoy, because Franco just doesn't have enough of your attention yet. (Film School Rejects)


David Brent Is Back To Battle Racism With 'Equality Street'

Because we all needed this political reggae remind that we should all just get along. It's been a while since anyone has heard from The Office's David Brent but thankfully he and his music career have resurfaced. Here he is teaming with rapper Dom Johnson for the authentic Caribbean-flavored political reggae song, "Equality Street." It really puts prejudice in the crosshairs. "See that Kenyan guy with mental eyes? He might be totally normal, you can't generalize. Black people aren't crazy. Fat people aren't lazy. And dwarves aren't babies. You can't just pick them up."


See A 'TRON' Short Film If You Still Need More Boxleitner

All of your unasked questions about 'Tron' have now been answered. Ever since you saw Tron: Legacy, you've probably been lying awake at night, thinking about how the original Tron and its sequel are connected. "What was Bruce Boxleitner's role in this, if any?" You'd whisper to yourself as you tossed and turned in your bed fitfully. Well now you can say goodbye to those sleepless nights thanks to this new short film from the viral marketing wizards at Disney, which bridges the gap between Tron and Tron: Legacy. At least, I think it does. I couldn't actually make it through the whole thing. I'm sure you'll like it though! (via /Film)


Kathie Lee Asks Martin Short How His Dead Wife Is Doing

"Good, not great," is how I would have responded. In a moment that's so very Kathie Lee, it pretty much is the culmination of her existence, here's a clip of The Today Show in which Kathie Lee asks Martin Short how his wife's doing. His wife died two years ago. As cringeworthy as the clip is (and it's really hard to imagine more embarrassing innocent mistake on live television), he answers in a very touching way that reaffirms his love for her after raising three kids. Short even had the class not to call her out on her mistake till after the commercial, instead just talking about how much he loves her. Martin Short: Making lemonade. Kathie Lee: Being stupid.