Ken Jennings Got His Ass Beat By A Robot

The scientists have perfectly captured the frustration of Playstation Jeopardy! It's a shame that nobody went to see Terminator: Salvation. If they had, this Watson robot wouldn't have been built and we wouldn't be forced to go underground to avoid our inevitable robot overlords. As you'll see above, Earth's only line of defense Ken Jennings went head-to-head against the supercomputer in a trial round of "Jeopardy!" Much like the Playstation version of "Jeopardy!", the computer is able to ring in first and nail all the softball questions. I don't mean to imply any cheating is going on here, and it is a pretty amazing clip, but that computer sounds suspiciously like Alex Trebek. What is that Canadian planning? The main event kicks off on February 14th when past champions Jennings and Brad Rutter go against Watson for reals. However it's totally understandable if you just have your grandmother tape it for you. (via Warming Glow)

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Tricky 'Jeopardy' Questions Forestall Inevitable Robot Apocalypse

IBM's artificial intelligence software will continue to compete on "Jeopardy" this week, in the form of a creepy computer named Watson. Remember Deep Blue, the computer that whooped some serious human ass in chess? After that, it seemed like our Matrix future was a foregone conclusion. Then The Matrix sequels sucked and years later, a computer is only doing okay at "Jeopardy." IBM's artificial intelligence software Watson will continue to compete on "Jeopardy" this week, in the form of a creepy computer. Walking computer encyclopedias Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings, two "Jeopardy" legends in the mighty Battlefield of Trivaland, are so far holding strong against the knowbot. Watson answered one question with "What is leg?," which made it look like a total asshole. So far, at the end of day one of three, Watson is tied for the lead with Rutter with $5000. I say, if it looks like it's gonna win, unplug him. With the economy as bad as it is still, we can't take any chances that some trivia bot with a desktop pattern that looks like sperm inseminating an egg is gonna take-our-jobs. (TV Squad)


The 'Jeopardy' Game Last Night Was Especially Sh*tty

I think the show may have actually made money last night. Stephanie. Oh sweet, Stephanie. You beautiful idiot. What have you done? It didn't have to be this way. You don't HAVE to answer every question. Take a few pitches before swinging. While everyone talks more about the big winning streaks in Jeopardy, the absolutely terrible games are where it's at. Alex Trebek gets to turn on the smug to level 110, and the contestants seem to get a "let's run out the clock" look on their face even though the game is only about 5 minutes of action. It makes us feel superior, which is another way of saying it makes us feel good. Watch this, and revel in your happy shame. (A.V. Club)


Emma Watson Embraces Her Hotness In 'The Bling Ring' Teaser

She's does vapid and aloof so well. Beginning in 2008, a group of Hollywood teenagers hilariously robbed the homes of Paris Hilton, Audrina Patridge, and Lindsay Lohan amongst others to the tune of $3 million. Sofia Coppola's The Bling Ring goes inside the inner workings of this group and more importantly makes Emma Watson look hotter than usual. The teaser itself isn't as full-force as the trailers for Spring Breakers, but it is a more aggressive tone than Coppola's usual work. Set to "Crown On The Ground" by Sleigh Bells, the hot teens rob, steal, and party. The Bling Ring, however, doesn't work for me as a title. I think the film should have been called Ducky Face.


Ken Marino Campaigned For His Emmy Nod Shirtless, In A Fireman's Uniform, In The Street

You have to be proactive these days. Ken Marino isn't quite a household name, and right now, his steady gig, the comedy short series Burning Love, isn't exactly blowing up Nielsen boxes. So in order to get some recognition in what he calls the "short form whatever" category, he took to the streets of LA shirtless, wearing a fireman's outfit. Because his character is a firefighter. He yelled "CONSIDER ME!" in front of the Paramount lot while holding a sign that said "For Your Consideration." Will it work? Who cares about short form Emmy categories? This is funny.


Hang With the 'Green Hornet' Cast Through Your Computer

Ever wanted to attend the star-studded premiere of a major studio film? Well now's your chance to pretend you're doing just that! Tonight we'll be streaming the premiere of The Green Hornet right here. Ever wanted to attend the star-studded premiere of a major studio film? Well now's your chance to pretend you're doing just that! Tonight, beginning at 9:30 pm EST/6:30 pm PST, we'll be streaming the premiere of The Green Hornet from start to finish. Right here! It'll be even better than actually being there, because you don't have to wear a tuxedo. Or pants in general.


'Iron Man 3' Looks Awesome But Suspiciously Like 'Lethal Weapon 2'

Tony Stark is getting to old for this shit. Tony Stark has made his fair share of enemies. At least a hundred in fact and that number doesn't consider his non-human enemies from other dimensions. That kind of hate takes a toll and Iron Man 3 finds the billionaire superhero losing sleep. His most dangerous enemy, The Mandarin, reveals himself and makes things personal by destroying his pussy palace. Just like when those South Africans destroyed Rigg's sweet oceanfront trailer in Lethal Weapon 2. Shane Black, we see what you're doing here.