Ken Jennings Got His Ass Beat By A Robot

The scientists have perfectly captured the frustration of Playstation Jeopardy! It's a shame that nobody went to see Terminator: Salvation. If they had, this Watson robot wouldn't have been built and we wouldn't be forced to go underground to avoid our inevitable robot overlords. As you'll see above, Earth's only line of defense Ken Jennings went head-to-head against the supercomputer in a trial round of "Jeopardy!" Much like the Playstation version of "Jeopardy!", the computer is able to ring in first and nail all the softball questions. I don't mean to imply any cheating is going on here, and it is a pretty amazing clip, but that computer sounds suspiciously like Alex Trebek. What is that Canadian planning? The main event kicks off on February 14th when past champions Jennings and Brad Rutter go against Watson for reals. However it's totally understandable if you just have your grandmother tape it for you. (via Warming Glow)