Katee Sackhoff Is Evil And Sexy In 'Sexy Evil Genius' Trailer

There's a good reason we don't look up our exes. In Sexy Evil Genius (now available on DVD and On-Demand) a group of strangers are lured to a downtown LA bar by Nikki, the ex-girlfriend they all have in common. Fresh out of prison for the murder of her last ex-boyfriend (who couldn't attend on account of being dead), Nikki is mysterious about her intentions and her current and former lovers soon realize they are all caught in one of her brilliant, mischievous mind-games with possible deadly consequences. Or maybe a gang-bang? I once went on a ski trip with an ex and unbeknownst to me, she invited a few of her other exes. It didn't end in murder though I wanted it to.

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Kate Winslet Is Following Her Vagina's Every Whim Again In 'Labor Day' Trailer

This film reminds me of 'The Iron Giant'. But with pie sex. In Jason Reitman's Labor Day, Kate Winslet once again plays a character who complicates her existence by jumping into bed with the wrong person. This time, it's Josh Brolin's sexy escaped convict who takes she and her son hostage. Before long, Stockholm syndrome and horny mommitis take over leading Winslet to attempt to build a life with the fugitive killer after discovering he can not only satisfy her physical needs, but do so while baking a pie. That's just showing off. Between the time period and the boy having to stay one step ahead of the law in order to protect their house guest, this film reminds me of The Iron Giant. Except for the pie sex.


'Ex Machina' Trailer Asks, 'Wanna Bang A Robot?'

What if it was a really hot robot? Ex Machina is a prescient warning about the dangers of car humping. In a world where sex with a Toyota Camry is not frowned upon, technology has risen to the challenge of our evolving desires thus posing the central question of the sci-fi morality tale, "If a robot were really hot, would you bang it?" The writer of 28 Days Later, Sunshine, and Never Let Me Go, Alex Garland gets behind the camera to direct Domhnall Gleeson as a young man tested by his employer to see whether or not the robot played by Alicia Vikander is totally hot. Gleeson's Star Wars co-star Oscar Isaac plays the brilliant genius conducting the test, who most assuredly considers "just the tip" as intercourse and his reports will reflect that.


Liam Neeson Deals With Some Jerk Murdering Everyone On A Plane In 'Non-Stop' Trailer

Always bet on Black... Irish. We've seen Liam Neeson play cat-and-mouse with vicious wolves and generic European gangsters, but we've never seen him deal with some jerk on an airplane before. And I'm not talking about seat-kicking. This particular jerk is murdering everyone on the flight right under Neeson's nose. In Non-Stop, from Orphan director Jaume Collet-Serra, Liam Neeson plays a guy not played by Nicolas Cage who must find and stomp out the evil mastermind making ransom demands on an international flight. If that terrorist had only watched Passenger 57, he'd know to always bet on black. Or Black Irish in this case.


Celebrate Child Murder With The 'Hunger Games' Trailer

That's entertainment. Lionsgate premiered the long trailer for The Hunger Games this morning. It's got everything you'd expect. Attractive but terrified teens, the makings of a love triangle, and outlandish facial hair. Seriously, Wes Bentley. What are you thinking? Facial hair like that would even get you beat up in Williamsburg. It does look like an impressive effort. We aren't shown any kid-on-kid violence in this preview, but we are privy to the training sessions where children are taught the right way to decapitate mannequins. It's all about your follow-through.


New 'Evil Dead' Red Band Trailer Is Here To Be Gross

Digest breakfast first. Like that one kid in study hall, the newest red band trailer for Fede Alvarez's remake of Evil Dead is here to be gross. This new look puts the first red band trailer to shame. Whereas last time we were treated to a girl slicing her tongue in half with a box cutter, we are now treated to her upping the ante by using that tongue on people. In addition, face-ripping, beheadings, beatings, blood pukes, and ol' reliable tree rape abound in this new look. All in all, this preview provides a better look at what sets this film apart from the original. The beats appear to be similar but the characters have been updated enough to breathe new life into the premise. But still, gross you guys.


Thomas Jane And Kate Bosworth Adopt A Creepy Kid In 'Before I Wake' Trailer

Don't these kids come with a Not Haunted guarantee? Kate Bosworth and Thomas Jane are the latest movie parents who got tricked into adopting the kid with creepy supernatural powers. It's the oldest orphanage trick in the book. Before I Wake tells the tale of a couple grieving for their lost son. They turn to adoption to fill the void in their lives, only to unfortunately end up with the kid whose dreams manifest themselves physically and sometimes kill people. Info that would have been useful before they signed the paperwork and washed the sheets and everything. He's pretty polite otherwise though.


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See The Sexy, Sexy NSFW Trailer For 'Sleeping Beauty'

This version of 'Sleeping Beauty' will have a particularly disturbing porn parody. Sexy fairy tales are back in a big way, probably thanks to all the invisible sexy fairies flying around. You didn't know about the sexy fairies? Look it up, man. They're everywhere. Anyway, this is an update of the classic tale Sleeping Beauty starring Emily Browning. The trailer makes it out to be a pretty dark modern retelling of the story, as does the official synopsis: “'You will go to sleep: you will wake up. It will be as if those hours never existed.' Death-haunted, quietly reckless, Lucy is a young university student who takes a job as a Sleeping Beauty. In the Sleeping Beauty Chamber old men seek an erotic experience that requires Lucy’s absolute submission. This unsettling task starts to bleed into Lucy’s daily life and she develops an increasing need to know what happens to her when she is asleep." Whoa, the trailer doesn't really go into all those creepy details. I wonder if there really are such things as Sleeping Beauties. I'm asking for a friend.