Kate Upton And Other People Star In 'The Other Woman' Trailer

I'll take all the tickets, please. The Other Woman stars Cameron Diaz as a lawyer who thinks she has found Mr. Right. However, she discovers that she is his mistress upon meeting Mrs. Right, as played by Leslie Mann. Instead of tearing out each others weaves, they team up to bring him down. The best way to do that, recruit his younger, hotter, heavy-chested mistress Kate Upton to hit him where it hurts. Using the unstoppable combination of lawyer powers, light poisoning, and large natural breasts, they strive to take him down without outright stealing the cast dynamic of 9 to 5.

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Kate Winslet Is Following Her Vagina's Every Whim Again In 'Labor Day' Trailer

This film reminds me of 'The Iron Giant'. But with pie sex. In Jason Reitman's Labor Day, Kate Winslet once again plays a character who complicates her existence by jumping into bed with the wrong person. This time, it's Josh Brolin's sexy escaped convict who takes she and her son hostage. Before long, Stockholm syndrome and horny mommitis take over leading Winslet to attempt to build a life with the fugitive killer after discovering he can not only satisfy her physical needs, but do so while baking a pie. That's just showing off. Between the time period and the boy having to stay one step ahead of the law in order to protect their house guest, this film reminds me of The Iron Giant. Except for the pie sex.


Teaser For ‘The Woman In Black’ Has No Woman In Black

Unless you count Daniel Radcliffe. There will seemingly always be an audience for ghost stories. From the highbrow stuff like Ugetsu or Throne of Blood to popcorn movies like The Fog. Now, the famous Hammer Studios is getting back in the game, and they have Daniel Radcliffe (who played one of the Harry Potter kids? I think) to back them up. This teaser trailer definitely earns the word "teaser," since there's not much here in the way of plot or character. But a little creepy atmospherics go a long way, and this trailer definitely has that in spades. If you're one of our UK readers, you might be pleased to know that according to Collider it's coming out early next year in February, while the US release has not been announced. LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU!! Ha, just kidding.


Woman Treats Her Beaver Right

From Videogum. This is an amazing video (after the jump). I think that Axe Body Spray should make one where they show a French Canadian Trapper using their product in various woodsman snares trying to capture a beaver. From Videogum. This is an amazing video (after the jump). I think that Axe Body Spray should make one where they show a French Canadian Trapper using their product in various woodsman snares trying to capture a beaver. And then it just cuts to the next morning where the trapper is takin the beaver out for brunch. 


Daniel Radcliffe Spends Night In A Haunted House In 'Woman In Black' Teaser

England is in serious need of some ghostbusting. With Harry Potter behind him, recent Hogwarts graduate Daniel Radcliffe is ready to take his first adult film role -- that of a total chickenshit. In The Woman In Black, Radcliffe plays a lawyer who travels to small English village where the ghost of a scorned woman is terrorizing the locals. It isn't long before she's after Daniel Radcliffe (in disguise as Patrick Dempsey here) too. Though I have to admit I'd be scared too. Did you see all the creepy dolls in that place? And the dust?? And the creepy messages from beyond the grave??? I'd be a sneezing mess. Also, petrified.


Thomas Jane And Kate Bosworth Adopt A Creepy Kid In 'Before I Wake' Trailer

Don't these kids come with a Not Haunted guarantee? Kate Bosworth and Thomas Jane are the latest movie parents who got tricked into adopting the kid with creepy supernatural powers. It's the oldest orphanage trick in the book. Before I Wake tells the tale of a couple grieving for their lost son. They turn to adoption to fill the void in their lives, only to unfortunately end up with the kid whose dreams manifest themselves physically and sometimes kill people. Info that would have been useful before they signed the paperwork and washed the sheets and everything. He's pretty polite otherwise though.


Daniel Radcliffe Finds World's Creepiest House In 'The Woman In Black' UK Trailer

And there's a poop-covered kid. Now that Harry Potter is old enough for keggers, Daniel Radcliffe is also old enough for horror movies. In this new The Woman In Black UK trailer, he wanders around the world's creepiest house. It's bad enough that it's infested with ravens, but ghosts too? Chairs that rock themselves. That's pretty creepy. Screaming images of your poop-covered son? I'd be so out of that place. It's like, NO THUNKS, GHOSTS! NOT EVEN!! For more background, Radcliffe stars as a young lawyer who travels to the English coast to settle the affairs of a recently deceased woman. And get his ass haunted in the process. The Hammer Films production was written by Kickass and X-Men: First Class's Jane Goldman and directed by Eden Lake's James Watkins.


Japanese Game Show Pits Woman Against Bear

Best game ever. Sex Box, the game show where couples have sex in a box while perverts listen in, didn't really set American television audiences on fire, but are our shores ready for Bear Box? The clip above is reportedly from a Japanese game show called Sekai No Hatte Madde Itte Q!, and the segment is known as "Predator Shield." A woman is sealed in a large glass box which is being battered, pushed, and rolled by a giant grizzly bear. I have no idea how one wins this game, but I smell a hit. And what about Celebrity Bear Box? Who wouldn't tune in to see Bret Michaels fight a bear? We'll be printing money. Someone get me Mark Burnett and a bear owner on the phone.


Margot Robbie Is The Last Woman Alive In 'Z For Zachariah' Trailer

Which makes her pretty popular. Imagine if you will a post-apocalyptic world where all of the women look like Margot Robbie.  That's the plot of Z for Zachariah. Kinda. As nice as that post-apocalyptic world sounds, Robbie plays the last woman alive after a mysterious illness wipes out the rest of the population. Which leads to trouble when she meets fellow survivors Chris Pine and Chiwetel Ejiofor. Two desperate men who both find themselves attracted to her. It's a lot like that Spin Doctors song but with more shooting your opponent in the back.