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Justin Bieber Dirties The Camera Lens In New ‘Never Say Never’ Trailer

The latest trailer for Justin Bieber‘s “biopic” or whatever it is, Never Say Never, shows Bieber being a total bad-ass. Spraying silly string and throwing popcorn directly at the camera. What the hay, man?! Don’t you know that technology is expensive? What a reckless youth the fame monster has turned you into. James Cameron WILL come for you.

What this trailer sets out to do is really sell you the 3D element of the film. In other words, make you want to pay a higher ticket price. There’s SILLY STRING and IT COMES RIGHT AT YOU!!! $25, please. I see what these marketing folks are up to. For me though, if they really wanted to sell it, they’d show a 3D water bottle flying at his head during that last shot on stage. Missed opportunity right there.

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