'Justified' Teaser: Hats, Guns, Awesomeness...You Know The Drill

Let's do this. Raylen and the rest of the crew from Harlan are back. It's hard to clean a lot from this teaser, but I'm gonna go out on a limb and make a few stabs:
  • Colorful characters
  • Whiskey
  • Gunfights
  • Hats
  • Interesting hair

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‘Scream’ Porn Parody Gives New Meaning To Stabbing

It's just like the original, but with hardcore sex! With any major hit TV show or movie lately, it's only a matter of time before there's a porn version. Seriously, you can set your clock to it. There's even a "Curb Your Enthusiasm" Porn parody, and having only seen the cover, I can tell you it's pretty gruesome. I don't know if there's anything inherently sexy about "The Cosby Show" or "Star Trek," but you can get hardcore tributes to both. Now, coming in April, Vivid Entertainment brings you Scream: A XXX Parody. It appears to be a pretty straight ahead send up of the original film, complete with similar deaths (and added penetration, of course).  The "film" was directed by Eli Cross, and stars Lily LaBeau, Zoe Voss, Sarah Shevon, Scarlett Fay, Jesse Andrews, Angelica Lane, Evan Stone, James Deen, Rocco Reed, Jack and Ron Jeremy." It's out on DVD April 15, 2011, so you can file your taxes on the last possible date and spend your refund money on porn in the same day. (Bloody Disgusting)


'Terra Nova' Teaser Has Fancy Dina-Saurs!

It doesn't even matter if 'Terra Nova' is good. Just put dinosaurs on my TV every week, please. Look,  "Terra Nova" might be about a bunch of humans from a dying earth going back in time to save humanity, and there might be a family starting over, a ragtag crew, and a dinosaur-shooting gun, but that's not the point here. The POINT is: there are going to be dinosaurs on television every week for the first time since we as a nation collectively shouted "Not the mama!" from the rooftops. The Fox drama is coming soon, so you better get your amber-covered mosquitoes ready.


Meryl Streep Gets Her Thatcher On In 'The Iron Lady' Teaser

We finally learn the origin of Maggie's pearls. Though it looks nothing like its predecessors Iron Man and Iron Man 2, The Iron Lady does look like it gives Meryl Streep ample opportunity to chew the scenery as the conservative Prime Minister of the UK, Margaret Thatcher. Plus keep in mind that this is a teaser. There's still a chance that Jim Broadbent will be outfitted with laser whips in the longer trailer. This teaser, however, is all about the reveal of Streep's impression of Thatcher which comes off more as a modified Julia Child. Before Streep is revealed we see two campaign advisers attempting to pimp her ride so to speak. They speak directly into the camera and critique her hat, high voice, and pearls. To which, Thatcher replies, "The pearls are non-negotiable." I guess it's cute, but I was mostly just happy to see this wasn't a teaser for another Madea movie. (The Guardian)


Batman v Superman Trailer - Awesome or Awful? MOVIE FIGHTS!!

Did you love the new Batman v. Superman trailer or hate it? No worries, we'll argue about it for you!! Trisha Hershberger (Super Fan Builds), Hal Rudnick (Host of the Screen Junkies Show) and Jason Inman (Host of DC All Access) debate with host Andy Signore (Creator of Honest Trailers) over the following Movie Fights for the week of 4/17: 0:05:07  FIGHT 1 - Batman V Superman trailer - Love it or hate it? 0:15:26  FIGHT 2 - Best moment from the Force Awakens trailer 0:26:09  FIGHT 3 - Best order to watch Star Wars in? 0:39:04  FIGHT 4 - New Ant-man trailer - Love it or hate it 0:48:37  FIGHT 5 - Are you worried about Wonder Woman? 0:57:44  FIGHT 6 - Terminator Genisys Trailer - Love it or hate? 1:07:36  FIGHT 7 - Best second movie in a trilogy 1:19:53  FIGHT 8 - Speed round Get Screen Junkies Gear!??http://bit.ly/SJMerch Download the audio version on iTunes! at our NEW RSS Feed ??http://brk.cm/MovieFightsPodcast Vote Honest Trailers in the Webbys!??http://bit.ly/SJWebby


Honest Trailers - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

The Crew behind Honest Trailers bring their first-ever Honest TEASER!! We show you what the Batman v. Superman teaser should've been like - if they were keeping it honest! The Crew behind Honest Trailers bring their first-ever Honest TEASER!! We show you what the Batman v. Superman teaser should've been like - if they were keeping it honest! Vote Honest Trailers in the Webbys!??http://bit.ly/SJWebby Get Screen Junkies Gear! ?? http://bit.ly/SJMerch Become a Screen Junkie! ?? http://bit.ly/sjsubscr


Kevin Smith’s ‘Red State’ Teaser Looks Like A Rob Zombie Movie

Why did Kevin Smith film this with a buttcam? This first look at Kevin Smith's Red State seems like a real departure for the director. It's gritty with it's muted colors and low-tech imagery. The camera work itself is a big departure for Smith, whose primarily known for not employing a lot of movement in his shots. Though it's used to perfect effect here, ratcheting up the terror by towing the audience along for the gruesome horror. Also, there's no orangutan.


Walt Is A One-Man Wrecking Crew In 'Breaking Bad' Season Four Trailer

'Breaking Bad" has a season four trailer. Which means it has a season four. Which is awesome. Breaking Bad" has a season four trailer. Which means it has a season four. Which is awesome. Remember Walter White walking around the desert in his tighty-brighties back in the pilot episode? Yeah, well erase that image from your memory or this newly-evolved Walter White will f$%^ing kill you. All while wearing a stylish hat. Which means Skyler had better be careful next time she feels the urge to get up his ass. The new season premieres July 17th on AMC. Finally.


Nick Offerman Returns To Give Us A Song About Whiskey

This is just about the most obvious pairing since Offerman and facial hair. As the steady stream of viral Nick Offerman videos continues to roll in, we're given a certain comfort that we won't lose this guy when Parks and Rec goes off the air in March. In this video from clickbait site Elite Daily, Nick Offerman gives an ode to the most noble of beverages, whiskey. It's got a very European sweater-y tilt to it, and it just might warm you up if it's cold outside. If it doesn't, then watch some Parks and Recreation and drink some whiskey. That should do it. (THR)