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Judd Apatow’s New HBO Series ‘Girls’ Gets A Trailer

The new HBO series Girls, from comedy wunderkind Judd Apatow, appears to be HBO’s take on a Sex and the City mulligan. It’s about a group of girls that live in New York in their 20’s, and rather than predicating the show on fantasy, outlandish situations, and labored penis puns, Girls appears to focus on broke, smart characters trying to keep their heads above water.

It’s Apatow and HBO, so the trailer more than hints at some comical raunchiness, but there seems to be some underlying charm courtesy of the creator and star of the show, Lena Dunham. Her sensibilities offer an endearing optimism as the characters repeatedly get kicked by many aspects of life.

The show premieres in April, one of seemingly dozens of new shows from the network, but I expect this to stand out and transcend gender in a way that Sex and the City never could.

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