Joss Whedon Shows His Support For Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney might not approve this message. Celebrities are weighing in with their endorsements of the candidates. Last week, Lena Dunham starred in a spot from the Obama campaign but Mitt Romney will not be outdone. And so, another breakout star of the summer has stepped forward to endorse the candidate. Joss Whedon released this video explaining why he has turned his back on the president in favor of Gov. Romney. He's really the only candidate whose cold attitude and shortsighted policies can usher in the zombie apocalypse. As Whedon points out, "[Mitt's] not afraid to face a ravening, grasping horde of subhumans because that's how he sees poor people already." That's really the type of leader we need when Hell is full and the dead walk the Earth.

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C-SPAN Investigates: Does Mitt Romney Have A Big Penis?

Asking for a friend. While covering the race for the Republican ticket, C-SPAN has been overwhelmed by callers who want to cut through the rhetoric and get down to the real issue. Just exactly how big is Mitt Romney's penis? The broad-shouldered candidate stands at a height of 6'2", so it's certain to be impressive. I'm not saying that Mitt Romney's penis measures up to Barack Obama's but I'd wager to guess he's somewhere in John Kerry territory. So why is C-SPAN ignoring this issue? This refusal to give us well-rounded profiles on each candidate proves that their coverage of the election is in no way fair. It's not like the American people can just go ask Romney. He'll overembellish. You really can't trust a politician. Also, kudos to the prank caller for his New Hampshire accent. Nailed it. (MediaLite)


Two Strangers Begin Seeing Each Other In Joss Whedon's 'In Your Eyes' Trailer

'Sleepless in Seattle' meets 'Scanners'. While Joss Whedon has been busy filming gods hitting robots with hammers, Brin Hill has taken directing duties on his supernatural love story In Your Eyes. The story focuses on two strangers who live inside each others brains. Zoe Kazan and Michael Stahl-David play the mentally-linked opposites whose psychic connection blossoms into love even though it would be so weird to act physically on the attraction. Ewwwww.


Honest Trailers: 'The Avengers'

A-venge? More like RE-venge! Right guys? Huh? Yeahhhhh. You think just because a movie rakes in $500 million at the box office that it's beyond criticism? Then you're wrong. DEAD wrong. (Sorry, that was a little too menacing.) But you're still wrong. As Screen Junkies has done with The Dark Knight, Avatar, and Transformers, it does again with the superhero mashup film The Avengers. And if I may so myself, we really stick it to that Joss Whedon guy. So much so that I bet he sees this, then falls off his giant pile of money, with only a slightly smaller pile of money to cushion his fall. Oh, the humanity. Hope you enjoy us making fun of The Avengers!


'The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty' Features Ben Stiller In Way Over His Head

How does this not star Jim Carrey? We all know there are two Ben Stiller characters out there. There's over the top evil guy, like we see in Dodgeball, and then there's the befuddled everyman, which we see in almost everything else. Now, we get to see an EXTREMELY befuddled Ben Stiller in way over his head, imagining he's about a million different badass characters, but still being Ben Stiller-ish at the same time. The man really can act, can't he?


Bruce Springsteen Uses His Powers To Humiliate Chris Christie

This is worse than the burn notice Nickelback put on Rob Ford. Gov. Chris Christie reputation has suffered since it was revealed that his aides intentionally caused traffic on the George Washington Bridge as a means of political revenge against the Mayor of Fort Lee, NJ. This could very well cost him the endorsement of the Republican Party in the next presidential race. But more importantly, now it's got Bruce Springsteen thinking that he sucks. For a New Jerseyite, there is no greater shame. If only there were a tall, not ironic structure for him to jump off. This is worse than the burn notice Nickelback put on Rob Ford.


New 'Avengers' Trailer Shows Us How All These Avengers Ended Up Together

Handsome men make the best superheroes. So that's how the super friends all met! We can thank a bald black dude in an eyepatch. In case you were wondering exactly how the characters from The Avengers were all assembled so as not to look like a superhero version of the Miami Heat, here's your answer. Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) assembled a team of elite superheroes (Is there any other kind?) to tackle the type of costumed ne'er-do-wells that could only populate a Marvel universe. While I'm sure the origin story of The Avengers is somewhat carefully crafted, it's pretty hard to get past seeing Captain America next to Thor next to Iron Man. It looks like a parody of itself, but that probably won't stop it from being fun.


Back In <del>Black</del> Orange: 'Orange Is The New Black' Season 2 Trailer

Take another look inside the reality of women's prisons and all their wacky hairdos. Orange Is The New Black is back with a trailer for season two which was almost the perfect opportunity to use AC/DC's "Back In Black." Almost. Thanks to the shortsightedness of the show titling dept., there will be no rocking with anybody's anything out. The Netflix original series gives us a look inside the reality of women's prisons and all their wacky hairdos.