Joseph Gordon-Levitt Uses Directing Gig To Make Out With Scarlett Johansson

Dude's a genius. In this short teaser for Don Jon, writer/director/actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt displays the advantages of starring in the film for which you are responsible for all top decisions. A move often referred to as 'the Zach Braff'.

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Scarlett Johansson Takes It Off* In 'Under The Skin' Trailer

*It being your skin. If you've ever fantasized about Scarlett Johansson dressed like Fairuza Balk with a sexy British accent throwing herself at you but then got skeeved out because you worried she might actually be an alien trying to steal your skin, rest assured that your concerns were warranted. That's exactly what happens in this movie and will probably happen to you if you ever let a beautiful woman (besides mother) into your bedroom.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt Looks Like Billy Zane In New 'Looper' Trailer

Seriously, though. This guy's face? Rian Johnson's latest film is a high concept science fiction action film starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as an assassin who murders marks from the future. Until one day, the man (played by Bruce Willis) beamed back to him for disposal turns out to be his older self. This new trailer reveals more of the plot as well as the loggerheads that the present and future individuals find themselves at. It also reveals more of what the Bruce Willification of Gordon-Levitt's face looks like. It's. Just. Plain. Weird. I'd never thought that the offspring of those two would look like some kind of Billy Zane monster. Then again, this is a work of science fiction.


The Comedy Stylings Of Cameron Diaz On Display In 'Gambit' Trailer

It's 2012's hijinksiest film. The Coen Brothers have veered once again into remake territory and the results seem to be ugh. A remake of the Michael Caine/Shirley Maclaine 1960's heist flick, Gambit, brings the Coens aboard as writers only. So they can't take the brunt of the blame like with The Ladykillers and Intolerable Cruelty. Those this film definitely has the same work-for-hire feel those movies share. Feel free to watch the trailer, but I should warn you that Cameron Diaz speaks in an over-the-top Southern accent. In other words, don't watch the trailer.


Here's The Teaser For That Movie You Bought For Zach Braff

"This is it." When Hollywood insisted that Zach Braff cast Denzel Washington instead of Donald Faison, he knew he'd have to work outside the system to satisfy his creative vision. So, he went to Kickstarter and asked Garden State fans to chip to finance his vision instead. We were skeptical and fearful that he'd just use the money to buy albums from The Shins and use the film as an excuse to make out with girls. This made a lot of you mad and we agreed to disagree. Today, we're happy to present the teaser for Zach Braff's Kickstarter film, Wish I Was Here. Featuring The Shins! And making out with Kate Hudson!!


Joseph Gordon-Levitt Plays A Self-Serious Delivery Boy In 'Premium Rush' Trailer

New York's most attractive bike messengers take on New York's most corrupt cops. We've seen thrillers where characters are trapped in phone booths and on cellular phones. Now, it's come to this -- a thriller that happens almost entirely on a bicycle. Joseph Gordon-Levitt races through the streets of New York as a bike messenger trying to avoid crooked cops in Premium Rush. Written and directed by David Koepp, it looks like a fun take on action movies. Boardwalk Empire's Michael Shannon also stars along with Dania Ramirez, Jamie Chung, and Aasif Mandvi. You might remember that Mandvi also played that pizza guy who fired Peter Parker from his delivery job in the beginning of Spider-Man 2. Good to see he's still working dispatch. Nobody knows the city like that guy.