Johnny Depp Is The Hollow Lawnmower Man In 'Transcendence' Trailer

Johnny Depp is the most evil Siri. Johnny Depp stars in Transcendence as a scientist who invents an evil computer that is going to make the world a better place. However, when he's attacked by Dell sympathizers his team comes up with a plan to upload his consciousness by shaving his head and hooking up a bunch of computery shit to his scalp that somehow makes him look like Alexander Skarsgård. Always a fan of playing dress up, Johnny Depp agrees to become part of the evil computer. This leads to evil Johnny Depp 3D-printed robots and Morgan Freeman being all like, "Oh brother. I can hardly work a digital camera let alone stop a cyborg uprising." That leaves Rebecca Hall and Paul Bettany to find a way to stop Evil Supercomputer Johnny Depp from destroying mankind and deleting all of our bookmarks. Here is a scene from the knockdown dragout battle in the third act that you can only see EXCLUSIVELY on Screen Junkies: