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JJ Abrams ‘Super 8′ Teaser Is Finally Here

JJ Abrams is a terrible Vulcan.

In case you’ve lived under a rock for the past 44 hours, you probably have no idea what JJ AbramsSuper 8 is. We’ve been following it closely here at Screen Junkies and we also have no idea what it is. Except that it is definitely not related to Cloverfield in any way. Yesterday, we provided a description of the teaser and today we have the teaser itself. The hushed veil of secrecy has been lifted but I can’t help feel that we’ve walked into a trap. Abrams has us in the palm of his often-talked-with hands.

Super 8 opens in theaters next summer and is about events that happen.

Four men died getting this bootleg out of Pensacola, so you will watch. YOU WILL WATCH!! After the jump…

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