Jimmy Kimmel Pranked Everyone With Sochi Wolf Video

Now when there's a real wolf in the hallway, no one will believe him. This has happened before. Jimmy Kimmel sure is making a name for himself as a little mischievous YouTube prankster. First Jimmy Kimmel Live! was that twerking video where the girl caught herself on fire, and now it's been revealed that the "wolf in the hallway" video posted by U.S. Olympian luger (Lugist? Lugian-American?) Kate Hansen was the work of Kimmel. The wolf, an 80-90% real wolf mix named Rugby, was taped walking down a replica of the Hansen's Sochi hotel corridor in Los Angeles. Why? Because it's funny and clever, I reckon. I guess this was an effort to add fuel to the "Aren't the Sochi Olympics totally effed? My doorknob fell off and now there's a wolf in my hallway" fire. Hansen said that the hotel staff and patrons understandably went a little apeshit when the video came out, as feral hallway wolves are an amenity that are only valued by a certain type of guest. Jesus, Jimmy. Duck Dynasty? We're not done with that yet?