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Jim Carrey’s Daughter Advances On ‘American Idol’

Jim Carrey‘s daughter was on American Idol last night, having auditioned for season 11. Without commenting on her talent (yet), it would seem that she’s charming, sweet, and sincere. A sort of anti-Jim Carrey, if you will.

Jane Carrey is 24 years old and her career is listed as “waitress,” which probably doesn’t mean much, other than “Jim Carrey’s daughter” isn’t the type of thing you put you your tax returns. It’s also a little surprising to learn that Jane has a kid, named Jackson Riley Santana, making Jim Carrey a grandfather.

Ok. That’s fun trivia. But can Jane sing?

Yeah. She doesn’t bellow like Xtina or Mariah or anything, but she seems to have some chops in this video‘s brief rendition of the ubiquitous “Something to Talk About.” I wouldn’t bet on her to win, or even make it more than a few rounds, but she’s a sweet, cute girl that doesn’t make me want to chuck my remote at the TV.

And she’s also Jim Carrey’s daughter. Really can’t stress that enough.

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