Jesse Pinkman Saying 'Bitch': The DEFINITIVE Supercut

The last version missed a few bitches. Back in November, YouTube user Axilrod posted a supercut of every instance where Breaking Bad's Jesse Pinkman says "bitch." Or so they thought. I'll let Axilrod explain:
I noticed I had missed a bitch in the other bitch video, then I noticed I had missed a couple more. One I could have lived with, but 3 was too many to overlook, so I added them and cleaned the video up (I did the first one in 15 minutes).
Today a wrong has been made right. Warms my heart.

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The Definitive LIst Of Arnold Schwazenegger One-Liners Is Upon Us

The perfect line for any time you rip a guy's arms off. I don't know what other information you need besides what is here in the title. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the king of cheesy action film one-liners. He's been doing this for a long time now, and while everyone has their favorite, I don't think that more than a couple are kept in mind at any one time. THAT TIME IS OVER. Here, courtesy of some dude named Shea Serrano from Grantland, is the authoritative rundown. It's unfortunately not a supercut, because that would be TOO awesome, but you can kind of make your own lame supercut by just watching this one clip over and over again: (A.V. Club)


Love Hurts Like A Bitch In 'Like Crazy' Trailer

The Sundance sensation heads to theaters October 28th. [post-album postid="11592" item="5"]The Sundance hit Like Crazy is gearing up for a limited release on October 28th. Just in time to get those Anton Yelchin masks out for Halloween. Though there's been a lot of write-up about the indie, this is our first glimpse of a trailer. In the film Yelchin plays an American student who talks so goddamned low that you can't understand a word of this trailer. He falls in love with his British classmate played by Felicity Jones as she's the only one who can make out what he's trying to say. Their relationship suffers when she violates her visa and must return to England. Looks pretty good if you're into crying and sun-flare. Still though, speak up Yelchin! Sound guys can only do so much.


SJ Show: Superman Vs. Jesse Eisenberg

I can't imagine a scenario in which Eisenberg wins. In case you missed the news due to the birth of your child or something lame like that, Jesse Eisenberg, best known for his turn as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, will be playing Lex Luthor in the next Superman film. Is he a good match? Many people say no. Many people say yes. Many people have no opinion. I fall into that last camp. The people with no opinion. BUT, for fans fo the superhero, these are some high stakes here, so let's discuss it. In video form.


Anyone Else Got A Bad Feeling About This Supercut Video?

See, that's what all the characters in this video say. Duh. It's always fun to see countless uses of a movie trope laid end-to-end, to prove to us just how frequently films go back to the same well of cliches. This time around, a Copon Films supercut gives us a look at every time a character informs the audience or other characters that they've "got a bad feeling about this." Most of the time, the shit goes sideways and they were right to have a bad feeling. Life is tough that way. That's one thing Hollywood gets right. The futility of existence. I'm rambling at this point. Watch the video. I've got a good feeling that you'll like it. (You see what I did there.) (Laughing Squid)


Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Makes Wall Street His Bitch

Wall Street is great... for me to poop on! Take one look at the protesters in New York, and it becomes immediately clear that anyone, and I do mean anyone (crazies, hippies, rapists, Russell Brand) can "occupy" Wall Street. But it takes a very special person to make Wall Street his bitch. In fact, it takes a dog. Triumph, the Insult comic Dog, to be specific. On last night's Conan, which has been filming in New York all week, the mean-spirited mutt took to the streets, mocking the vast array of weirdos he found camped out in the financial district. But he also took time to insult the bankers and stock brokers who work in the area. At one point, a giant inflatable Triumph was used to bang the iconic Charging Bull statue from behind (a.k.a. Doggie Style), a symbolic gesture that's sure to resonate with many Americans as well as the hoards of confused Japanese tourists randomly passing by.


John C. Reilly Is The Juggernaut, Bitch In ‘Cedar Rapids’ Trailer

In the trailer for Cedar Rapids, Ed Helms's big follow-up to The Hangover, he plays an inexperienced guy (again) who takes a trip (again) and gets blotto (again), beat up (again), and befriends a prostitute (again). And, it looks pretty funny (again). In advance of Sundance, here we have a trailer for Cedar Rapids, Ed Helms's big follow-up to The Hangover. In this film Helms plays an inexperienced guy (again) who takes a trip (again) and gets blotto (again), beat up (again), and befriends a prostitute (again). And, it looks pretty funny (again). I specifically like the scene where John C. Reilly drunkenly puts the garbage can top on his head and looks like the Juggernaut. Speaking of Jugs, Anne Heche strips her top off. I can't decide how I'm supposed to feel about that. Is she hot? Or is that outweighed by the napping in stranger's homes and claiming to be the alien half-sister of Jesus Christ who can talk to dead people and see into the future? Anne Heche watches too much damn"Battlestar Galactica."


Pixar's 'Inside Out' Trailer Attempts To Uncover Why Bitches Always Be Trippin'

Meet the voices in your head. Pixar has moved on from the secret lives of toys and anthropomorphic vehicles to take on the little voices in our head. In Inside Out, Amy Poehler, Bill Hader, Mindy Kaling, Phyllis Smith, and Lewis Black star as the emotions of a young girl - Joy, Fear, Disgust, Sadness, and Anger. The film appears to focus on the crisis that occurs when Joy and Sadness go on a mission to recover her mind's core memories, leaving Fear, Disgust, and Anger to take the wheel. This movie may as well take place inside Charlie Sheen.