'Jersey Shore' With Brits Defeats The Purpose Of 'Geordie Shore'

No one with a charming British accent could ever, possibly, be a bad person. Except for Ben Kingsley in 'Sexy Beast'. They have horrible people in Britain, too? I had no idea! This clip proves it so, with 8 jerks known as Geordies, which Wikipedia tells me is a nickname for a type of dialect of proper English in much the same way that what the "Jersey Shore" people speak is a disgusting approximation of what we know to be our English. Whatever they're selling in this video doesn't really play well for me over here stateside I am sure these are tremendously trashy, despicable people, but it's a little hard for me to accept them as scum with that accent. It's like if Hugh Grant wanted to be sleazy. You'd pat him on the head and call him a scamp, even if he was aggressively trying to date-rape your sister. So watch the video, and agree with me that only in England could someone that obnoxious be named "Gary."