Jennifer Garner's Yard Has A Kid In 'The Odd Life Of Timothy Green' Trailer

Disney doesn't understand where babies come from. [post-album postid="205215" item="1"]I'm not sure that Joel Edgerton and Jennifer Garner understand where babies come from. In The Odd Life of Timothy Green, the couple is full of despair when they learn that they can't conceive a child (they also recently Netflixed The Orphan, so adoption is out of the question), so the drive home and drunkenly write down the best qualities a child can have -- athletic, artistic, ability to rock -- and bury it in the garden Pet Sematary style. Oh but what they find is far more gruesome. It's their perfect kid that they had just geeked out over. But how is this so and who is this kid? And why are his arms so long?? We here at Screen Junkies feel it best that a child like this be turned over to the government for dissection. Just think of what we could learn from this strange visitor. FUN FACT: If you watch this trailer in reverse, Jennifer Garner buries a child alive.