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Jenna Fischer Attempts Maximum Quirkitude In ‘A Little Help’ Trailer

I think the handwritten lettering they use in all trailers for indie movies must be called “MandatoryQuirkyTitle Font” or something. Once you see that title style, you know you’ve got to unfold your lawn chair and watch the quirk parade.

In the trailer above for A Little Help, Jenna Fischer stars as a newly single mom, whose lousy ex-husband Chris O’Donnell dies and goes to Bat Heaven. Now she’s got to raise an eccentric kid all by herself, and there’s a pretty funny 9/11 subplot. I realize that might sound awful, especially the way I phrased it, but it works in the trailer. She also falls in love with her ex-high school sweetheart, who’s also her sister’s husband, which I’m sure won’t complicate matters at all.

Personally, I like Jenna Fischer and could stand to see more of her, in non-Pam Halpert roles. Will this Michael J. Weithorn (King of Queens)┬ádirected fil break her out as a movie star? I don’t think so, though I’d definitely buy a ticket if she re-wears her Blades of Glory attire in the movie. That’s-a nice-a outfit.

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