Jeff Bridges Throws Out First Pitch For Dodgers, Looking A Lot Like The Dude

They couldn't have given him a Dodger bathrobe? To be clear, it wasn't Lebowski Appreciation Night at Dodger Stadium on Saturday when LA played the Cubs. There were no white Russians, and there were no nihilists. Well, if there were nihilists, they weren't drawing attention to themselves. Nope, Jeff Bridges threw out the honorary first pitch of the game to promote his upcoming film The Giver, but we all really know that he's transformed into The Dude. (El Dudarino if you're not into the whole brevity thing.) He went out with shaggy hair, a giant beard, and a baseball glove...on his head. Of course, he threw the opening pitch about six feet high, but that's just because opening pitches are just a ploy by MLB to embarrass celebrities. See also: 50 Cent.