Jason Segal And Emily Blunt Literally Fall For Each Other In 'Five-Year Engagement' Trailer

Co-starring Alison Brie. It's a magical feeling when you meet that special someone who is hot and British and just as accident prone as you, if not more. So, it's no surprise that Jason Segal is eager to put a ring on it in this trailer for The Five-Year Engagement. It, in this case, is Emily Blunt who accepts his proposal but then decides to prolong the engagement when she gets an exciting job opportunity. Hilarity tries to ensue and people fall down a lot. If I didn't see these accidents actually happening, I'd swear that this couple was in an abusive relationship. Directed by Nicholas Stoller, The Five-Year Engagement also has an impressive 60% Must See TV supporting cast, which features Chris Pratt, Alison Brie, Mindy Kaling, Chris Parnell, and Jacki Weaver.

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Jason Sudeikis And Alison Brie Are A Cute Non-Couple In 'Sleeping With Other People'

Get a room, you two. In Sleeping With Other People, Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie play two horrible people attracted to the wretchedness in one another. Because they're terrible, they make the active decision not to sleep with one another and keep their atrocious relationship platonic. When you find something this awful, why screw that up? Adam Scott, Jason Mantzoukas, Katherine Waterson, Adam Brody, Amanda Peet, Marc Blucas and Andrea Savage make up the romantic comedy tapestry.


Emily Blunt Versus The Cartels In 'Sicario' Trailer

Trust no one. Least of all Josh Brolin. Prisoners director Denis Villeneuve sends Emily Blunt south of the border for some fun and sun in the trailer for Sicario. By fun, I mean misery and by sun, I mean, well, I guess it is pretty sunny there. At any rate, Blunt takes the lead in this action thriller as an American CIA agent who teams up with a task force in Mexico to root out and bring down the head of a dangerous cartel, who as this trailer seems to heavily imply, is Josh Brolin. Unless it is not Josh Brolin. Which is exactly what Josh Brolin would want us to think.


Ben Foster Bites Jason Statham's Style in 'The Mechanic' Trailer

The trailer for The Mechanic has all the hallmarks of a Jason Statham film -- cars, guns, explosions, unintelligle growl-mumbles, and the Cowgirl Position. A remake of the 1972 original, Statham steps into the Charles Bronson role. Except in this version, women aren't disgusted by the thought of touching the lead actor. Ben Foster co-stars as his ward in the killing people for money game, which appears to be an industry where you don't want the other guy knowing your trade secrets. Much like blogging (nothing like blogging). The film opens December 15th and also stars Donald Sutherland and Christa Campbell, who you more than likely know from the very important film, Cool Dog.  Watch the trailer after the jump....


Jason Statham's Many Jobs: Supercut

He's like a British James Bond. You could say Jason Statham is the hardest working man in action films, and you'd probably be right. There's no way this guy's resume could fit on one page like your career counselor said it should. And his references? A veritable who's who of law enforcement agents, sexy women, and criminal kingpins. He might not be suited for Wall Street, but if you need a shady job done and done right, you might want to get a headhunter to track down one of the many characters of Jason Statham.


'Wild Card' Trailer: Jason Statham Is Beating Up Bad Guys In Vegas This Time

When evil happens in Vegas, he slays in Vegas. We all know this plot by now. Some misguided thug beats up a woman who knows Jason Statham. He's then forced to maim and kill that thug's anonymous henchmen by a) judo chopping them in the throat, b) throwing them through glass, c) using an everyday object like a bicycle, belt, or luggage handle to beat them up, and d) all of the above simultaneously. All leading up to his headbutting to death their ringleader. There's no problem this man can't solve with a headbutt. However, something about this hackneyed, well-trodden path seems fresh, compelling, and original. Can't quite put my finger on it.


'Sex Tape' Trailer: Jason Segel And Cameron Diaz Regret Boinking On Camera

It's a race against time to make sure Rob Corddry doesn't see Cameron Diaz's vagina. In the red-band trailer for Sex Tape, Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz star as a couple who are too busy buying iPads for everyone they've ever met and have let their sex life fallen by the wayside. To pull out of this rut, they decide to do things with one another's genitals in front of Steve Jobs' All-Seeing Eye. This footage is then somehow synced with the copious amounts of iPads they've gifted to family and friends and postal carriers (totally normal thing to do). From there, it's a race against time to make sure Rob Corddry doesn't see Cameron Diaz's vagina.


Welcome Back Jason Sudekis' Ted Lasso, Clueless American Soccer Coach

This might actually keep us interested in soccer after the World Cup. Soccer fans, soccer haters, and everyone in between can agree on one thing: fake American coach Ted Lasso is the shit. Since his "debut" last year for NBCSN's soccer coverage. We all know that Jason Sudekis' Ted Lasso got canned at the fictitious end of lasts season, but now he's in the booth, where he's able to REALLY run his mouth. Where was he when we needed him for the World Cup? For those unfamiliar with this devil of a character, here's the original as well: If he continues this trajectory, he'll be head of the U.N. by this time next year. "Secretary General Lasso." That sounds right.


Chris Hemsworth Races Darkman In Trailer For Ron Howard's 'Rush'

Here we have the first look at Ron Howard's F1 racing drama, Rush. Based on the true story of the rivalry between English racer James Hunt and Austrian Niki Lauda, Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl star as the thrill junkies who somehow don't rob banks or moving trains. I thought this was a racing movie? Where's Michelle Rodriguez?? Instead, Howard opted to take a page out of history rather than the sketchbook of a 9-year old boy. In 1976, Lauda almost died after crashing in the second lap of the German Grand Prix, which the hotheaded Hunt would go on to win. Suffering a coma and bad burns, Lauda was back at it six weeks later determined to beat Hunt in several races. The movie will be in theaters this fall, but you can just go to Wikipedia now to see how it ends.