Jason Bateman Masters The Art Of Swearing At Children In 'Bad Words' Trailer

We finally see the nasty underbelly of the Spelling Bee circuit. When a character in a movie swears profusely and creatively at children is a tried and true shortcut to a laugh. Sometimes the results are uproarious or a mildly satisfying chuckle. In the red-band trailer for Bad Words, Jason Bateman transcends the art of swearing at and around children. Go ahead, Bateman. Drop the mic. You've earned that right. Who would have known that Jason Bateman would be so great for this role? Jason Bateman, that's who. Bad Words is also his directorial debut, meaning he was a shoe-in for the role. Much to the chagrin of Paul Rudd, who really loves being a dick to kids too.

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Enough Killer Children To Swear You Off Of Parenthood Forever

Cold blooded murder has never been so adorable. To coincide with the release of Joe Wright's little-blonde-girl-assassin movie Hanna (in theaters now), Vulture put together a montage of disturbing child murderers! It's actually kind of hypnotic to watch, strangely enough. You'd think it'd make ovaries shrivel up and sperm start swimming the other way, but I don't know, it's kind of making me want to raise a little rugrat of my own. A little ball of joy to coddle and teach to ride a bike, and how to hold an icepick. It's all in the angle, you see. You raise that thing high enough above your head, and you've got a deadl weapon! Any lower and you're just going to maim. This heartwarming montage contains clips from Children Of The Corn all the way to Orphan. And if you're going to complain that Orphan isn't a good example, you're even more of a nerd than me, AND you just helped spoil the ending of a terrible movie. (Vulture)


Green Band ‘Bad Teacher’ Teaser Probably Still Inappropriate For Children

See if you can spot all 26 differences! If the trailers and posters for the upcoming Bad Teacher are to be believed, Cameron Diaz wants to get in on that sweet Billy Bob Thornton stardom - since this appears to be a variation on the theme established by the Holiday classic Bad Santa. What next? Bad Salesman? Bad Assassin? Bad Prostitute? Maybe some weird/awesome combination of the three. Anyway, the trailer is pretty much just like the red-band trailer that was released previously, with some concessions to wholesome entertainment. For instance, instead of saying "hold my ball sack" at the end, Jason Segel says "hold my balls." One second while I send this trailer to my grandmother and some nuns. (via /Film)


Fighting Words: General Zod Calls Out Kal-El In New 'Man Of Steel' Trailer

METAL. June 14th grows nearer everyday. In celebration of this, we have another look at Man Of Steel, which is shaping up to be the most bad-ass Superman film to date. How do we know that this is going to be the most bad-ass Superman film to date? SUPERMAN DROWNS IN A PIT OF HUMAN SKULLS. And there's plenty more crazy on display in this trailer as General Zod issues this warning to the people of Earth: "For those of you who know his location, the fate of your planet rests in your hands. To Kal-El I say this: surrender in 24 hours or watch this world suffer the consequences." Judging from the mayhem that takes place in the last third of this trailer, I take Zod at his word. I already love this movie. Please don't let this be another example of excellent trailer, terrible movie. At the very least, it's already better than that Superman movie that Shaq did.


Mumford And Sons Have A New Video With Jason Bateman, Jason Sudekis, Will Forte, And Ed Helms

Can these guys be a band now? It would appear that now even Mumford and Sons is in on the whole "Mumford and Sons is ridiculous" joke. However, rather than change their ways and putting on a genuine persona, they apparently will continue to dress like Victorian barbers, but will just be winking at everyone the entire time. Ugh. The video is funny, but the fact that the band produced it sort of creeps me out. It's nice to see the comedians in a natural state of slackerdom, rather than all clean shaven and proper, but that's as much praise as I'll give. Ok, fine. Ed Helms' face is hilarious when he's singing real close to Jason Bateman's.


'Wild Card' Trailer: Jason Statham Is Beating Up Bad Guys In Vegas This Time

When evil happens in Vegas, he slays in Vegas. We all know this plot by now. Some misguided thug beats up a woman who knows Jason Statham. He's then forced to maim and kill that thug's anonymous henchmen by a) judo chopping them in the throat, b) throwing them through glass, c) using an everyday object like a bicycle, belt, or luggage handle to beat them up, and d) all of the above simultaneously. All leading up to his headbutting to death their ringleader. There's no problem this man can't solve with a headbutt. However, something about this hackneyed, well-trodden path seems fresh, compelling, and original. Can't quite put my finger on it.