Jack, Get Back: MTV's 'Footloose' Trailer Is Here

You'd think after more than two decades of crack and teenage pregnancies, this town would have gotten over the whole "no dancing" thing. [post-album postid="217364" item="1"]The new trailer for Footloose is exactly what you'd think it would be: Footloose, but, you know, for MTV. The story seems to be the exact same as the Kevin Bacon original, except now the high school students are crumping. Because all kids in 2011, even in the small towns, crump almost daily. The census taught us that. John Lithgow's big, bad dad is now played by Dennis Quaid. Hmm...what else? The lead character shows up for the first day of school in a hipster tie, so it's hard to feel sorry about everything that happens to him from that point on. Then Julianne Hough comes in with her attitude and sunglasses and hips. I like that. And from there characters appear to race modified school buses in a junkyard. What? Yes.