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Jack Bauer Is Coming Back Link Dump

One of the main reasons that the world has been in economic turmoil is because Jack Bauer has been hiding somewhere, not taking things to the limit to protect all of us from dangerous things like terrorists and angry dogs.  I look forward to January when he is BACK in action and and all the jobs come back to AMERICA where they are safe.

Clitter! (YouTube)

Sam Mendes to direct Preacher (/film)

New The Day The Earth Stood Still images (Empire)

Princess Leia pillow fight (Filmdrunk)

Danny Elfman developing Houdini Broadway musical (Collider)

Russell Brand suspended by BBC for lewd crank call (HuffingtonPost)

Thomas Haden Church vs. Joe the Plumber (FunnyorDie)

Cindy McCain wants your vote….or else! (TheOnion)


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