It's Shrim Time: 'Tim And Eric's Billion Dollar Movie' Teaser Trailer Is Here

Shrim, whatever that means! Nothing I can say will change the fact that you either love Tim and Eric, or you hate them to the point of wanting to light them on fire. Either way, you should know that the teaser trailer for their Billion Dollar Movie is here. Granted, it's just a teaser, so we don't get much info about the plot. But given the fact that it's a Tim and Eric production, there's not going to be a plot, anyway.
I'm won't lie; I'm really excited. Then again, I was excited for the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie as well, and look how that turned out. But until I know for sure, I'll remain hopeful. #Shrim! The film hits on-demand on January 27, and theaters starting March 2.

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'Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie' Clip

Impressive microphone holders. In this clip from Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie, Tim and Eric take time out of their busy schedules of being rich Hollywood actors to go down and help the denizens of the Swallow Valley Mall get a fresh start. They may not be the most qualified or handsome guys for the job. And one of them might look a little bit like an owl. But they've got some fresh ideas and synchronized pyrotechnics. If that's not a positive step toward success, I'm only hardly lazily aware of what might be. The film will be available On Demand this Friday and in theaters March 2nd if you're willing to leave the house while very high. (Yahoo)


New Tim And Eric Red-Band Trailer Has Profanity, Robert Loggia

One of them bangs a sex doll. Take a look, why don't you? Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job are making a movie, a fact to which readers of this site are probably hip. What they (you) may not know is that Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie features some sick stuff that these two let out when the lax Standards and Practices guys at Adult Swim aren't around to crack the whip. What kind of sick stuff? Oh nothing really, just disgusting things like JEFF GOLDBLUM and ROBERT LOGGIA! Forehead dildos, and JOHN C. REILLY! Can your stomach take it? I have to cram this piece with as many jokes and one-offs as possible in the hopes of weaseling out of establishing a narrative based on this trailer, a feat that is downright daunting. If someone would like to take a stab at explaining this film in the comments, that would be pretty cool. In the meantime, let the weirdness and profanity wash over you in a soothing wave, with the knowledge that, soon, the weekend will be here.


Yup, Tim From 'Tim And Eric' Can Make A Weirder Herman Cain Ad Than Herman Cain Can

This is where I would put in my interpretation of the video you're about to see, but it's a 'Tim and Eric' video, so that's impossible. Well, in case you thought Herman Cain would go unchallenged in the competition for "weirdest campaign ad ever," you can rest assured that he barely had the title for 24 hours before Tim Heidecker of Tim and Eric fame stood up and said, "Not so fast there, Herm." (He calls Herman Cain "Herm" in this little parable.) This droning song and video has me wanting to slowly march outside, through oncoming traffic, to find the nearest polling place so that I may "ride the Cain train" with a vote for Herman Cain. For President. 2012. Do you think that if Cain lost the presidential election but won the title of "YouTube Sensation" that he would consider his campaign a victory? Lord knows I would. This guy hasn't been on my radar for very long, but he's really been entertaining. Way funnier than George W. Bush and that whole "there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq" vaudeville act he pulled 10 years ago. That got old quick.


Because They Know Their Audience, Tim And Eric Made A Crazy Totino's Pizza Rolls Ad

I wouldn't be surprised if they did this without Totino's permission. Betting that the Venn diagram of "Tim and Eric fans" and "Totino's Pizza Rolls fans" is basically just one big circle, the two absurdist Adult Swim comedians took to crafting a Totino's Pizza Rolls ad. And guess what? Guess. Guess. (It's really weird.) Shocking, I know, but of all the routes Tim and Eric could have taken, they went with "bizarre comedy" for this one. I wonder if that's sustainable. The ad is three minutes, which is about 2:50 longer than it takes for Tim and Eric to alienate 97% of America. Remarkably, this was actually allowed and blessed by the company. Maybe they'll do one for Chase bank next!


Jon Stewart Launches Kickstarter Campaign To Buy CNN For $10 Billion

He admits he doesn't know what he wants to do with it yet but..."something." Jon Stewart is a little miffed at the media, in case you haven't watched The Daily Show...ever. Now that Rupert Murdoch, Chairman of NewCorp, which owns Fox and Fox News, has stepped up to buy Time Warner and CNN, he's stepping up. He's launching a Kickstarter campaign to buy CNN for $10 billion. He doesn't know what he's going to do yet, but he'll take your money and figure it out later. The clip is funnier than the premise, which would require about every American to contribute $40 to this campaign. EVEN THE POOR ONES.


'Man From U.N.C.L.E.' Trailer Has Won My Dollars

Let's give it all of our dollars. Let's give it all of our dollars. The first trailer for Guy Ritchie's Man From U.N.C.L.E. looks like a blast and is a perfect companion to Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes films. Like Sherlock, Ritchie once again takes an unlikely duo of handsome men and sticks them at the center of inventive action sequences in a period setting. Guy really needs to guest direct an episode of Downton Abbey. They haven't had an explosion on that show in foooorever. This time, the handsomes are played by Superman and The Lone Ranger. One, a dashing American spy. The other, the KGB's best agent. The rivals-turned-allies are forced to team up to thwart a Nazi plan to launch a nuclear weapon. When the Nazis find out that they accidentally created an unlikely friendship, they are going to be so steamed.