It's Shrim Time: 'Tim And Eric's Billion Dollar Movie' Teaser Trailer Is Here

Shrim, whatever that means! Nothing I can say will change the fact that you either love Tim and Eric, or you hate them to the point of wanting to light them on fire. Either way, you should know that the teaser trailer for their Billion Dollar Movie is here. Granted, it's just a teaser, so we don't get much info about the plot. But given the fact that it's a Tim and Eric production, there's not going to be a plot, anyway.
I'm won't lie; I'm really excited. Then again, I was excited for the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie as well, and look how that turned out. But until I know for sure, I'll remain hopeful. #Shrim! The film hits on-demand on January 27, and theaters starting March 2.