It's Hammer Time! 'Walking Dead' Season Four Trailer Unveiled At Comic-Con

Thank you, Comic-Con. Thank you!! Say what you will about AMC's The Walking Dead but it's just so damn good at reviving itself. The show where nobody is safe (showrunners included) is back with a fourth season and Scott Gimple newly appointed to pull the strings. The Gimple-penned episodes from last season were easily the standouts and if this trailer is any indication, he was just getting started. The trailer that premiered today at Comic-Con sees the prison crew acclimating to life with the Woodbury survivors. More importantly, they have to find a way to protect themselves when it's discovered there's a traitor in their midst. Just when I'd written the show off they go and get awesome again.

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There Are Big Changes Coming To 'The Walking Dead'

Where do they go from here? The mid-season finale of The Walking Dead reunited the survivors but left them directionless. They're homeless and hopeless and searching for a lifeline. But all of that is about to change according to this preview of what lies ahead. Showrunner Scott Gimple promises “a huge change in the situation for the characters.” This at least implies a new location. As exciting as it's been to watch these characters walk around in the backwoods of Georgia, I'm ready to see them take on something bigger. It's time to rebuild.


'The Walking Dead' Invades New York City

Ahhhh, zombies are real! If there were a zombie outbreak, New York City is the last place I'd want to be. There's already enough shoving and grabbing. That's why this zombie prank scare to promote the return of The Walking Dead has picked the perfect setting. Busy New Yorkers hey-I'm-walking-here with their blinders on, snapping out of it only as the undead burst out of the subway grates below them. I'd lose my mind. Can we stop pranking unsuspecting victims with creepy supernatural stuff like telekinesis and devil babies? Before we know it, all we'll have is horror pranks and society will turn into that really mean-spirited Telemundo prank show. I'd merely like to wait for the bus!


'The Walking Dead' Season 5 Trailer Is All Action

Gross! The Walking Dead is back for its fifth season this October and it looks like they've finally got a good budget for blowing zombies up. Don't get me wrong. I've enjoyed the various decapitations, impalings, grinding to sludge beneath tires we've been treated to. It's just nice to see a mushroom cloud of the undead every once in awhile. It also seems like the gang doesn't hang around Terminus for very long which makes it easy to predict who does and doesn't make it out of there alive. Hint: if they're walking down the tracks in bad-ass slow-motion, they've made it out.


Before They Were Famous: The Walking Dead

Before The Walking Dead chops the head off of season 5, check out some of your favorite zombie killers before they were famous! Before The Walking Dead chops the head off of season 5, check out some of your favorite zombie killers before they were famous! Screen Junkies approved! Watch feature-length movies for free on Break ?? Become a Screen Junkie! ?? Watch more Honest Trailers ??


'The Walking Dead' Trailer: It's Still About Zombies

Braaaaaiiiiiiiins. If there's one thing guaranteed to appeal to the visitors of Comic Con 2011, it's zombies. And with that in braaaaaaaiiiiiiiiin, AMC has released a trailer for the second season of their surprise hit The Walking Dead. They also announced the premiere date - Sunday, October 16, at 9 P.M. [post-album postid="221362" item="1"]The trailer shows lots of the post-zombie-apocalypse America, including the realization that traffic jams will be a thing of the past once the zombies take over. Maybe this won't be so bad after all... (AOL)


Honest Trailers: 'The Walking Dead'

MORE ZOMBIE MURDERS. Ever since the INTERMINABLE expedition for Sophia in season 2, people have been clamoring to knock The Walking Dead down a peg or two. While a cable budget won't afford the show to offer 42 minutes of zombie massacres in desolate downtown Atlanta, it certainly could have done better than the snail's pace character development it offered. So we address that and a about a thousand other things in yet another Honest Trailer. Honest.


Michonne More Badass Than Expected In 'Walking Dead' Season 3 Preview

I think I'm in love. With The Walking Dead gearing up to blow minds at Comic-Con this week, AMC's Talking Dead invited Drew Carey on for some reason and also provided a special preview of the third season's best new character, Michonne. Last seen saving Andrea while towing around jawless zombie pets in the finale of season two, we now have a more substantial look at Michonne wielding her blade against zombie attackers. It's pretty much the best thing.