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It’s Funny Because It’s True: The Dark Knight Voice

Do you remember in Seinfeld how George and Jerry would always find one little reason to not like whatever girl they were dating? Either man hands, or close talker, or naked all the time–  whatever the character trait was, it would totally distract them from the fact that there was a beautiful woman right in front of them. This is EXACTLY how I felt about the voice in The Dark Knight.

I was also angry at the beginning of The Dark Knight, because they made a really stupid error that confused the shit out of me. The first Batman we see is a vigilante imposter. Then when the real Batman shows up, he has a different voice than the last movie. I assumed that this was also another fake Batman, and didn’t realize what was going on for while. Then I spent the whole movie just getting angry at the stupid voice, and it distracted me from enjoying what was an otherwise rad film. There I said it. Now you know. The Dark Knight did not give me a 400 million dollar boner.

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