It's A Fat Mac Attack In New 'Sunny' Season 7 Trailer

'There's more to life than piles of food'. [post-album postid="205384" item="1"]Rob McElhenney is the Robert De Niro of TV comedy - gaining 50 pounds just because it would be "funny" on It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Now, you can see a sneak preview of Fat Mac in a trailer for the show's 7th season. It is funny, I guess, but there's also something ... disturbing(?) about it. Anyway, it's pretty short and Mac-centric, but it should still scratch fans of the show and curious rubberneckers right where they itch. And as always with It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, a valuable lesson is imparted: "There's more to life than piles of food." Thanks, guys. The new season premieres on FX on September 15.